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Classic Daredevil Story

The Story:  
A story set in the early years of Daredevil's career. Battling Jack Murdock is killed and the reason for Daredevil's original yellow costume is revealed as well as the reason he changed it to red later on. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson start their law firm and hire a secretary by the name of Karen Page whom both are fond of. The Fantastic Four become their first clients. Daredevil encounters The Owl for the first time and rescues Karen Page from him and later saves her from the Pruple Man.   

My Thoughts: 
Jeph Loeb composes an intriguing story combining elements such as death, revenge and romance forming an instant classic. This could quite possibly be one of the best origin stories I've had the pleasure of reading. I love Daredevil and when I found out this book was written by Jeph Loeb I had to purchase it in hardcover and add it to my collection. I'm way more satisfied then I ever thought I would be after reading this comic. 

Tim Sale did an outstanding job on the artwork. You can tell Loeb and Sale have a chemistry together. I absolutely loved the covers for each issue. The colors by Matt Hollingsworth are perfect and take Sale's artwork to the next level. 

I remember before I started reading comics I saw a picture of Daredevil in his yellow costume and thought it was tacky looking. I'm still not a fan of the costume and prefer the red one, however I love the story behind the yellow costume even more. 

Rating: 5/5

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