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Daredevil Reborn Is Less About DD

In an attempt to right the wrongs he has done, Matt Murdock has left Hells Kitchen and given up looking for trouble as Daredevil- until he realizes that trouble comes looking for him. 

The Good

Last we saw Matt he had stepped off of a bus and begun his trek through a small town- only to quickly realize that this is no ordinary town when the local police has him surrounded after uncovering his identity. This issue picks up precisely where the last one left off- in the midst of a fight between Matt and law enforcement officials. However, there is something definitely not right with the cops in the town, something hinted at in the last issue. We quickly learn that it isn't only the cops in the town that are corrupt- but the people in the town have been struck so hard with fear that they acquiesce to every demand of law enforcement officials.  The issue moves smoothly from one scene to the next and the pacing is good. For a four part mini series, this issue serves to give the reader a better idea of how much control and power "Calavera" has over the town and everyone in it. However, it is not clear as to who exactly Calavera is...yet. The art once again, is truly gorgeous- Gianfelice and Hollingsworth are a fantastic team and their collaboration truly brings Andy Diggle's writing to life. The art compliments the tone of the story perfectly.

The Bad

There isn't anything really "bad" about this issue, but I can't say it held my attention as well as the first issue of Daredevil Reborn. This issue was a little bit of filler, and while there wasn't a whole lot of character development on Matt's part, you do get a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding as to the trouble he accidentally got himself into by stepping into this town. 

The Verdict

It was a solid second installment to this four issue mini series. While you don't get a whole lot of expansion of Matt's inner turmoil, Diggle does a good job setting up the back story; expanding on the corrupt police officers in this town. Feels a little bit like a filler issue, though.

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