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Hope and Danger

Picking up from where the first issue of the new limited-issue anthology began, Daredevil (who has apparently regained his memory enough to recognize the voice of a minor thug he met once years ago) heads out into the snowstorm to find a downed medical helicopter and the heart needed to save the life of a young girl.

Even if the amnesia aspect of the story is thrown away without any real explanation, the Daredevil side of the story works pretty well. Sadly, we also get countless scenes of the dying girl's father making a deal with a shadowy figure as the themes of hope and danger are shoved relentlessly down the reader's throat.

The art is still good, and there are pieces to the story I like, even if some of the themes in incredibly unsubtle, but this is probably the last issue I'll be willing to plop down $4 for.

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