Daredevil Annual #4

    Daredevil Annual » Daredevil Annual #4 - The Name of the Game Is...DEATH! released by Marvel on October 1976.

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    Guest-starring Black Panther and the Sub-Mariner! After a serious beat down at the hands of Namor, DD forms an (uneasy) alliance with the King of Atlantis and the King of Wakanda to save a boy from a ransom plot.

    We open on J.F.K airport where Heather Glenn is waiting for Matt Murdock to return from Los Angeles. She greets him with a smooch and news that somebody tried to kill Foggy.

    We then are whisked to Holmsford, Connecticut where a plan to kidnap the son of Robert Mallory, head of a firm called Mallory Intertech, is put into action. Seems Robert is working on plans for a Tidal Power Station to harness the energy of the oceans and the kidnappers want the plans in exchange for the safe return of Mallory's son.

    Meanwhile, Matt gives Heather the brush off and changes into his red duds to swing across the city. He quickly learns that Namor has been on a rampage looking for Mallory himself, apparently on a mission from Doctor Doom. DD and Namor fight which leaves Daredevil "humbled" at the feet of Namor who's quickly off on his search for Mallory.

    *Part 2: And Who Shall Save The Panther?"

    Black Panther is cruising the New York streets following a lead on Mallory's son. He comes across the thugs arguing amongst themselves. It appears the man behind this is Ruffio Costa. Thugs jump Black Panther who winds up staring down the barrels of a shotgun.

    We cut to Mat Murdock who's read up on Mallory's Tidal Energy process and can see why Namor is concerned about it. Matt receives a phone call with a ransom demand for Black Panther. Five Million dollars. Matt changes into DD and tries some nifty new catch-phrases as he swings to Black Panthers rescue. "Up, Up and away!" "Flame On!"

    Daredevil meets up with Foggy nelson and asks him for a loan of Five Million in phony money that he can use for the ransom. As he leaves he tells Foggy to stay inside until he can track down the person who tried to kill him.

    Namor gets into a tussle with the local authorities and Daredevil comes across him rescuing a police officer who he knocked off a bridge. Namor and Daredevil tangle again this time Daredevil gets the upper hand.

    Across town in Ruffio Costa's hideout, Black Panther escapes his bonds and frees Keith Mallory. He then hitches a ride on the rooftop of the van of Ruffio's thugs to see where they are going.

    Daredevil arrives at Washington Square to see Ruffio Costa's thugs arrive with Black Panther on the roof of his car. Black Panther and Daredevil defeat the thugs and go off to shut down Ruffio Costa's operation. Just then Namor attacks.

    Daredevil finally gets Namor to listen to reason and convinces him that Matt Murdock may be able to stop Mallory from building his Tidal Energy Plant. Namor agrees...barely, and flies off.

    Black Panther and Daredevil head back to Ruffios hideout and start fighting with Ruffio. His hideout...The old Barrington Research Center which is now owned by the mob. Daredevil and Black Panther throw Ruffio into some machinery which explodes. Neutrin stream interact and there's a flash of light.

    Ruffio is still alive and in a new costume and mask. He feels changed. The explosion has heightened his mind power to an infinite degree. He's no longer Ruffio Costa...he's now MIND-MASTER! He makes Black Panther attack Daredevil. They battle back and forth, much to Daredevil's dismay. Black Panther throws Daredevil into Mind Master and DD sock him in the face. Mind Master tries to pool all his mind energy and shorts himself out. He loses his power and is inexplicably back to his old self complete with street clothes. Black Panther knocks him out. Daredevil and Black Panther rescue Keith Mallory and part ways.



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