Daredevil #98

    Daredevil » Daredevil #98 - To the Devil, His Due; Part four of five released by Marvel on August 1, 2007.

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    The streets of Hell's Kitchen are caught in a gang war, and as Matt Murdock tries to protect them, the pieces of his life that he's tried so hard to put back together begin to tear apart at the seams. It's chaos and destruction as "To the Devil, His Due" races toward a shocking conclusion next issue!

    Will Milla survive her encounter with the crazed Gladiator? Will she end up like all of Matt's girlfriends?

    In a part of Hell's Kitchen, a couple of street thugs talk about fulfilling their boss's plan on making "deliveries" all over the Kitchen. They are delivering some sort of "crazy dope" to ex-cons to get them all riled up. They comment about Daredevil's current situation and how it is just the beginning of his troubles.

    In the apartment of Matt and Milla, Milla discovers that she is not alone. Gladiator hits her and tells her he has plans for her when she calls out Matt's name.

    Daredevil is handcuffed in the back of a squad car. He tries reasoning with the officer, who almost seems sympathetic. He refuses to hear what he has to say out of fear of losing his job. Daredevil sees no choice but to engage the officers. Concentrating, he manages to kick off the door to the police car while they are driving and jumps out. Another officer begins shooting at him with the first telling him to hold his fire. Daredevil then turns and seemingly attacks the officer that was driving him. When another officer comes up to him, Daredevil has no choice but to kick him and escape. The first officer tells them he's okay. Daredevil just took his handcuff keys.

    On his way to his apartment, Daredevil thinks about his previous girlfriends and how they all experienced a deadly end. No one is at the apartment but there is some blood. The police are on their way so Daredevil locks up and escapes unnoticed. He figures Milla must still be alive or else Gladiator would've killed her at their apartment. Now he just needs to try to find them.

    On a rooftop, Milla tries reasoning with Melvin. She asks him what happened to the sweet gentle man. She seems to be getting through to him but comes back to his evil persona. Gladiator dangles Milla over the edge of the rooftop telling her to scream for Daredevil. Daredevil arrives and Gladiator lets go of Milla and shoots a couple blades at him. Daredevil dodges the blades and jumps after Milla. In mid-swing, he grabs Milla and they go crashing through a window. Frightened and clinging to Matt, he tells her to stay there. Gladiator then comes smashing through the wall. Daredevil is not happy that his wife was attacked. He knows that Melvin is not in his right mind but he can't think about that. He knows that Gladiator has a lot of skill and his opponent is just using the strength.

    Milla yells at them to stop killing each other. Matt tells her to get back but she says it's not Melvin's fault. Turing to him, he asks if Melvin is still "in there." Gladiator weakly replies, "...Dunno." Melvin seems to be back but then begins screaming. He tells Matt that it's not him and he can't control himself. He makes towards the window, meaning to jump out and kill himself. Daredevil grabs him from behind, pressing his billy club against his throat to knock him out. Milla asks why did this happen. Matt says he doesn't know but he's going to fix things.

    Elsewhere in a convenience store, the news report says that Gladiator's been taken back into custody. The man behind the counter is happy commenting on how it's a crime that criminals are so easily released from jail. A customer comes up, pulls out a gun, and shoots the man. He and his buddy begin robbing the place. He says that there's more stores around the corner and he has more bullets in his gun.



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    A Solid Story and Engaging Story Arc...What's With the End? 0

    I've been reading Daredevil and Iron Fist for the past few months, and I have to say that both books have been very well done by many of the same artists and authors, as well as other crew members. This particular Daredevil felt like one of the classic stories about the Hell's Kitchen lawyer and that's definetly a good thing for me; I don't think that every single superhero title should have to deal with the aftermath of the Civil War now, especially with the onset of World War Hulk. I've liked ...

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