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Renewing DareDevils Purpose

Daredevil takes to the Streets of Hells Kitchen trying to figure out who is behind the synchronised crimes.While in Rykers prison the Gladiator seems to have killed two inmates with no recollection of doing it. Murdock gets a call from Foggy warning him about the situation of the Gladiator and that they should stay away from the case. While Becky convinces Matt to take the case. By the books end the Gladiator has killed another inmate and now a prison guard again claiming he didn't do it. This issue is dark and somber in tone. The artwork by Lark and Gaurdiano gives this issue of Daredevil a sense of realism. We find him trying to clean up Hells Kitchen, wanting to find out who is trying to reorganize crime there.This renews Daredevil's  purpose. Brubaker writes to solidify Matt Murdock/Daredevil as a character after his of being outed as a lawyer and arrested .He uses all of the supporting cast and villians in such a way it grounds the book closer to reality. Overall a great start to Brubakers new arc.

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