Daredevil #95

    Daredevil » Daredevil #95 - To the Devil, His Due; Part 1 released by Marvel on May 1, 2007.

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    In Ryker's Island, Melvin Potter, the former villain known as the Gladiator, is found in a work room with two inmates who have been brutally murdered. He keeps saying over and over that he didn't do it.

    In Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil realizes that he's been gone for too long. He's let the people get scared again and that leads to violence. There has been lots of crimes. He soon realizes that they are using one of the Kingpin's old tricks, Synchronized Crimes. A smaller louder crime occurs while a bigger one takes place someplace else. He decides to wait for the bigger one to happen. A car full of thugs speeds away from a crime. They have uzis and fire wildly at Daredevil after he's caused them to crash. As he's fighting with one, another emerges from the car and shoots the first man. Then he shoots the third in the car and finally himself before Daredevil can stop them. He has no idea why they would kill themselves rather than face him or the police.

    The next morning Matt and Milla wake up and the phone rings. Foggy is calling about defending Potter. Matt says it's not a good idea because he should stay low profile. Later, Becky runs into an old lawyer friend who happens to be Melvin's lawyer. He asks for her help and she accepts. When she tells Matt and Foggy, Matt is not happy. Finally he sees Becky's point of view and agrees to meet with him.

    Potter has been moved to Bellevue Hospital for a psych evaluation. As he tells them his side of the story about how someone hit him from behind and he woke up to the guards accussing him, Matt believes he's telling the truth.

    At night, Milla is headed for her meeting that she mentioned to Matt earlier. She is being followed but doesn't know it. The man calls someone and tells them that she's on her way to see a shrink. He also says that they can "use that."

    Daredevil continues to believe that Melvin is innocent of what he's being accused of. He feels that someone is setting him up. Back at Belleuve, Melvin and another inmate are being escorted back to lock-up. In a stairwell, the other inmate is taunting Melvin until he cracks. He breaks his handcuffs and smashes the inmates face against the wall. When the guard tries to stop Melvin, he headbutts him and causes him to fall down the stairs. Left standing there, covered in blood, another guard arrives. Melvin tells him to wait as he draws his gun. Once again he says, "I didn't do it..."



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    Daredevil takes to the Streets of Hells Kitchen trying to figure out who is behind the synchronised crimes.While in Rykers prison the Gladiator seems to have killed two inmates with no recollection of doing it. Murdock gets a call from Foggy warning him about the situation of the Gladiator and that they should stay away from the case. While Becky convinces Matt to take the case. By the books end the Gladiator has killed another inmate and now a prison guard again claiming he didn't do it. This i...

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