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Daredevil 9 1

"Show me a superhero without a first aid kit and I'll show you a nut," so says Matt Murdock having been shot in the arm early on in this issue.  Is this the first instance of DD being shot?  I think so and it's typical of what the hero is to become that it's some powerless low life hijacker, rather than some big supervillian, who gets him.After last issue's emotional outburst from Karen, it's something of a surprise that the penny hasn't dropped yet with Matt.  Listening to her heartbeat thumpin...

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Say What? 0

 This issue is one big contrivanece or  contrivence, I can't really spell all that well. Any way, turns out that Karens friend the eye surgeon who she is trying to set Matt up with lives in a small country that just so happens to be ruled by a guy who Matt went to school with.  So he goes to this small country, only to find out that  the old school chum king wants Matt and the eye doctor to help him build Robots.   Nope, I am not kidding. He brings a lawyer and an eye doctor to build robots. Now...

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Daredevil Takes on a Cut Rate Dr. Doom Wannabe 0

Marvel 'Pop Art Productions' was still learning; some experiments, however, just don't work. Like Daredevil vs. medieval knights.Daredevil number 9 is a pretty average issue of Daredevil - or any mid-sixties superhero comic for that mater. It was written by Stan Lee, and features quality artwork by Wally Wood, embellished by Golden Age great Bob 'Bobby' Powell, in one of the handful of Marvel Comics he worked just before his death. Why is a comic that features the talents of three of comics grea...

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