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Daredevil #8

DD #7 Review. The Purple Man makes his appearance in Daredevil's city. However, he might not be staying for long!

The Good

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The Purple Man! While not one of the greatest villains of all time, The Purple Man was certainly introduced well in this Daredevil series! Writers Mark Waid and Chris Samnee did a good job with this issue's story as they justified The Purple Man's appearance in DD's new home town. (Which the reason was The Purple Man trying to start a family, a family that loves him unconditionally and doesn't say 'yes.' to everything he says.") The Purple Man was the big focus of this issue and really moved this issue forward from start-to-finish. (Even though the middle part of this story hit a low point.) Anyway, the ending was really creative as you see Purple Man getting controlled by his children and seemingly getting hit by a train. The Purple Children should prove to be a formidable threat for Daredevil as we don't know the extent of their abilities, and the simple superhero code of heroes not hitting children!

The Bad

Had to endure a meaningless talk with DD's girlfriend's father.
Had to endure a meaningless talk with DD's girlfriend's father.

The problem with this issue is that it started with The Purple Man and ended with The Purple Man, however in the middle was where this issue was at its weakest. Daredevil getting a book written about him and meeting his girlfriend's father, yeah, that's not interesting at all. The middle of this issue was the low point and did not aid to the story of the Purple Man nor anything major in DD's life. The middle could have focused more on the Purple Man, to have more setup for the issue to come as the Purple Man's appearance/setup for issue 9, was rushed towards the end of this issue. If this issue was all about The Purple Man, then subtly got DD introduced into the situation, this issue would have been perfect.

The Verdict

4 out of 5. If you've enjoyed the Daredevil series so far, you'll enjoy this issue. This issue is an excellent jumping on point for new readers as well.

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