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Russell Crow eat your heart out

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      You know what I've always loved about the Silver Age of Comics? The fact that the stories were simple I don't mean that in the sense they were poorly written I mean that in the sense that they where self contained and you didn't have to read five other series just to get the full picture of the story that's the problem with the modern age of comics there simply too many cross overs to enjoy the stories for what they are and are more of just a way to earn the corporations that put them out an extra buck because we all like to get a clear picture for whats going on in the comic universe but enough about that let's take a look into Daredevil #63.
      I have to say in his earlier days Daredevil was more of a whiny bitch then Spider-man and if your head didn't explode upon hearing this revelation here's why in nearly every issue I've read prior to the Frank Millar run on the series at some point old horn head complains about being Daredevil "oh my girlfriend left me because of this costume" "I do more harm than good as Daredevil" yadda yadda yadda and for that I call bullshit with him as Daredevil everyone he saved in his time as the hero would be dead the Kingpin would rule the streets and Bullseye would have a fuck load more people added to his kill list so to DD I say man up you little bitch you aren't doing anybody no favors by putting down the Billy Club. Now aside from the whining of the man without fear this was a really good issue the story was simple and intriguing and we get a good old fashioned beat down brawl between DD and one of his most enduring Rogue's The Gladiator . Alright I'm just going to say it in his earliest appearances I always got a laugh out when I saw the Gladiator without his helmet on I'm picture the most stereotypical looking french man you can possibly think of and put his head on Russell Crow's body and you get the Gladiator. Now the story is fairly simple Foggy and DD go to Ryker's Island to see if Melvin Potter is suffering from insanity or if he's just lying to gain his freedom so go on guess I'll wait...........Now if you guessed lying to gain his freedom NO FUCKING SHIT!!!! One thing in this story that keeps it from gaining five star is this incredibly stupid moment where DD and Foggy give the Gladiator who is not restrained in anyway his weapons back....Okay that has to probably be the single stupidest thing I have seen since Battlefield Earth why on earth would you give a 7 and a half foot tall Gorilla his weapons back did these guys get dropped on there head as babies or what cause even the mentally ill would tell you it's a bad idea to do something that's like Iron man saying that drinking mercury and licking lead will make you as smart as Einstein in terms of how stupid that scene was! So after a quick fight Daredevil manages to lock Gladiator into an empty cell and saves the day unfortunately for horn head Karen Page has left him because she fears he loves the costume more than her.....original isn't it? 
     I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this silver age classic get's the stamp of approval. So till next time I'm in the mood to review bye.
Daredevil #63


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