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Daredevil intercepts Ox and the Eel as they are robbing a store, pretending that they are filming a movie. During their battle, they are joined by their boss, Mr Fear, who fires a gas pellet at DD, suddenly making him anxious to escape. Daredevil runs away, later reflecting on what it was that made him so scared that he had to escape.

Next, we encounter the owner of a waxworks museum, Zoltan Drago, who we learn had been attempting to mix chemicals in order to create something to bring his waxworks to life. When his cat accidentally tips over a jar of chemicals into a bunsen burner, he realises that the fumes it gives off create fear in anyone smelling them. Drago then becomes Mr Fear and recruits Ox and the Eel as his henchmen, figuring that neither is a threat to his leadership.

Drago then creates a new waxwork of Daredevil, hoping his nemesis will come visit his museum. Indeed Matt Murdock, along with Foggy and Karen, visit and, whilst there, Matt senses the fear gas, whilst Foggy catches a glimpse of Ox. Both independently decide to return later to see what's going on.

Daredevil arrives at the museum and is soon involved in a fight with the three villians. Whilst this is going on, Foggy appears and attacks Mr Fear, ripping off his mask. Ox, in turn knocks Foggy out and the three escape, Daredevil staying with his injured friend.

Anxious that Foggy knows who he really is, Drago and his henchmen, dressed up as medical staff, go to the hospital to 'silence' Foggy. Matt, thinking that Mr Fear will try to attack Foggy, guards over his colleague as Daredevil, battling them when they do appear, turning off the lights in the room to gain advantage over his foes.

Daredevil having the upper hand, the villians return to the waxworks museum, now intent on leaving town. However, Daredevil is already there. He throws a bucket of sand agains the slippery Eel to thwart him and then deceives Ox into knocking himself out. Realising that Mr Fear's gun is used to transmit fear gas, DD stands in front of a fan that wafts the gas back towards Drago and is then able to apprehend his scared foe.

Though not listed in the credit boxes (except for #10), Wood confirmed that he co-wrote his Daredevil issues (5-11). Marvel confirmed Wood plotted various issues including #7 & #8, via editorial/letter page notes and, in the official MMMS Marvel newsletter, cited Wood as plotting DD issue 9 and onward. Interviewed by Mark Evanier at the 1980 San Diego Comic-Con, Wood said he had been plotting Daredevil since issue 5. For Daredevil #6 Wood created Mr. Fear. Wood cited his not being properly credited for co-writing Daredevil as his reason for leaving Marvel to place his new THUNDER Agent creations with another publisher.


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Daredevil #6 is Really Contrived 0

Daredevil #6 ReviewIt figures that sooner or later, 'The Man Without Fear' would run into a villain called 'Mr. Fear'. The issue starts off pretty good with the new villain Mr. Fear choosing a couple of lesser villains, The Eel and The Ox (who has just been paroled) to be his henchmen.But the unfortunate thing about this issue is that almost every scene in it is extremely contrived. There are a lot of inconsistencies too - Mr. Fear and his men aren't affected by his fear gas at one point - but t...

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Mr. Fear and The Ox 0

Sometimes the simplicity of Stan Lees writing is just amazing. The way Daredevil dispatches Mr. Fear in this issue could be right out of the old Superfriends cartoon.  That is not to say this isn't a good book. It has a good sense of fun, and it is funny to see them use the "economy of characters" in a comic book.   For those who do not know, the economy of characters is a way of saving money for tv and film productions, by only giving main actors something to say and do.  Not really necessary i...

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Daredevil 6 0

Stan Lee is at his best when he's creating inner conflicts for his ongoing cast and, in this issue, he really amps up the unfortunate love triangle between Matt, Karen and Foggy.  Matt loves Karen but thinks she is only excited to see him because she is thinking about Daredevil.  Karen loves Matt but  can't understand why Matt is so aloof and unemotional, always running away (to change into DD, naturally).  Foggy loves Karen and because of this Matt won't dare tell Karen of his love for her.  Th...

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