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Daredevil No More?

Shadowland has come and gone now we see how the cast of Daredevil are coping and the start of Matt's road to redemption for his behaviour during Shadowland. 
The Story 
Hell's Kitchen comes to term's following the events of Shadowland.  
The Good  
If the main series was like these last few issue's of Daredevil then Shadowland would have been good. Marco Checchetto art suit's the mood of the story as he capture's the dark and gloomy tone of the book and his art would have suited Shadowland more than Billy Tan's pencil's. What was really good in this issue was about the 2nd half of this book and Foggy, Dakota and Becky discussing about what Matt did and trying to figure out what to do next. 
The Bad  
There was not alot wrong in this issue there were something's I didn't like e.g the Black Panther taking over from Matt it would have made more sense if it was Iron Fist and the last few page's reminded me of Bruce Banner walking away but it was Matt. The issue also was very anti-climatic in some ways.
This issue was an epilogue, it showed us how the cast was feeling and how Hell's Kitchen is going to deal with the fall out of Shadowland. In my opinion this issue was better than Shadowland, Andy Diggle and Anthony Johnston did a great job writing this book and Marco Checchetto art was the best thing about the book. Matt's story does not end here as he begins his road to redemption in Daredevil:Reborn on-sale in January.  While the Black Panther is the new guardian-angel of Hell's Kitchen.
The Score 
The last issue of Daredevil gets a 3.5

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