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We gotta take DD down

The Story - As Foggy and Dakota are fighting for their lives, running from ninjas, New York City falls victim of the veil of madness that has possessed Daredevil and now his friends, advised by Kingpin himself, find no other solution than to take Matt down for good.
The Good - This was one of the best Shadowland tie-ins story, ´cause there´s an awesome mix of good writing, strong dialogues, nice amount of action, beautifull art (pencils and colors) and some answers of what is going on with our beloved heroe DD. This faction of the Hand that has deceived Matt into leading them, only so they could seed him with this "Beast" now plans to take all Manhattan into mayhem and the moral choice of taking Matt down was a very difficult and hurting one (I bet that our heroes are in great pain and sorrow).  The dialogues between Foggy and Dakota are interesting ´cause of the paradigm of one believing that Matt is still in range of being saved, as opposition to the other that consolidate the fact that DD is pure evil now, and their friend Matt Murdock is no more, remaining only the Beast. Our heroes allying themselves with Wilson Fisk is other facet that things are really screwed up!!! White TIger and Black Tarantula was very cool. Checchetto is an amazing artist, he´s very talented and deserves to stay in top ten of the best pencilers. I guess that without his touch this book wouldn´t be so interesting and entertaining. Hollingsworth´s colors are totally "worth" of buying this book.
The Bad - As good as this issue was, I can´t scape the feeling that we are being leaded to the ultimate cliche of all: a heroe turns evil, against his will, and in the end, the grand sacrifice, he can control himself and "end his life", saying sorry to everybody and begging for forgiveness.
The Verdict - I´m being very harsh in my latest reviews of the Shadowland series, but this issue in particular really got into me, so if you are not so interested in Shadowland for itself I´d strongly recommed you to buy DD # 510.
4 out 5 Friends trying to kill you

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