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Fight for the Crown

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     Well this is the end of the hardcore arc of Daredevil and yet again it showed another great fight between old Horn head and one of his arc enemies and wouldn't you know it it's the fat man himself the Kingpin and this issue has to be his best fight to date with the man without fear cause Daredevil straight up wailed on him this time more then he ever has before. Now the hardcore arc had two of the greatest fights I've seen in comics in a while the 1st one I already discussed in my review "Epic Ass Whooping" where DD goes toe to toe with Bullseye and gives him the beating of his life but in this one we're going to talk about Matt's ultimate battle with the Kingpin.
      Now in terms of actual dialogue this issue doesn't have much outside of the first four or five pages but in case your wondering what went down it was basically the kingpin telling the crime bosses of New York that he was taking his territory back and it was either shut up and take it or die now as always some dumb shit tries to stand up to him and guess what? The Kingpin makes one phone call and has the guy's wife raped and murdered....really nice guy huh? So where was I? Ah yes after the Kingpin proves once again he's not to be fucked with Daredevil crashes the party and they go at it once again. Now there's a lot of hitting bone breaking a brutality galore but it was missing one crucial thing that makes a good fight into a great fight there was no back and forth discussion  between the Characters as they fought that really expressed there hatred for one another unlike the fight with Daredevil and Bullseye that was what kept me from giving this otherwise great ending to a great arc a 5 star rating it didn't have the same amount of passion to it as the last issue. This my friends is why I will always say Daredevil's greatest enemy now and forever will be Bullseye true some of you may disagree but hey to each his own. Now probably the best moment in this issue was after the fight was over after Daredevil sends the kingpin crashing through the walls of Josie's bar after hitting him with a car he tells all the criminal scum of New York either to change there way's or leave the NYC cause now he's the new kingpin of new york. Now I ask you is there anyway that's more epic then that to end an issue? 
        So until next time this is the Angry Comic Book Critic saying that this beautiful bastard gets the stamp of approval
Daredevil Vol.2 #50

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