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Daredevil 5

Wally Wood is a new addition to the Daredevil ranks with this issue and his clean and handsome art style is a fine fit for the title.  Storywise, this is quite peculiar.  The Matador is a strange villian - possibly a D lister in terms of ability.  Still, Stan Lee cleverly presents him as something of suave swashbuckler and soon has the good folks of New York city treating him like he was some kind of latter day Robin Hood (even if he doesn't give his bounty to the poor).  There is one good scene where some kids argue about who to be - Daredevil or the Matador - because the Matador is so much cooler - all in front of a disgusted Matt Murdock.

There are some uneasy passages though.  Early on Matt has to take Karen to a masked ball in place of Foggy who has to work late.  When the Matador attacks, Karen pushes Matt into an empty room to protect him.  She tells him she wants to stay out in the main reception area to see what's going on - quite a contrived way of bringing DD into action.  And, in all, the Matador seems a little lame overall as a villian.

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