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    Being read the Riot Act

    After flying thru and finishing the first five issues of this new volume of Daredevil ,Chip Zdarsky really has put our hero in a new realm of hell. How he survived all of it is a wonder and luckily for DD it ends with his friends saving his bacon. I do love the dialogue between Daredevil and his Marvel Universe guest stars in this issue. Luke Cage Danny Rand and Jessica Jones really come to rescue the man without fear from himself . They try to give him a talk about being where he’s at and it doesn’t really go over well but the final guest star really hits the nail on the head after following Matt Murdock home. It was the reading of the riot act it was great . Mark Checchetto’s art on these particular panels really convey the importance of the message and the last page is a cinematic beauty as Matt Murdock is on his couch literally done. Like a very quiet painful I can’t do this anymore moment. If DAREDEVIL wasn’t a monthly book I’d say what a great ending but of course we come back next month.

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