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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      We've all seen are share of deaths in the world of comics where the hero failed to save the day such as the case of Gwen Stacy, Elektra, Jason Todd, Uncle Ben, Superman but none to me were as heartbreaking as the death of Karen Page. Yes many of you might disagree with me but rest assured before the end of this review you'll know exactly why I say this compared to the others I have mentioned. Now this story is very funny to me not ha ha ha funny but funny as in strange because it's written by one of my favorite writer/director's I'm talking about none other then the man who gave us the greatest comedic saga of all time I'm talking about of course Silent Bob A.K.A Kevin FUCKING Smith unfortunately this comic was drawn by the devil's pubic hair himself the douche bag that fucked Spider-man up the ass side ways none other then Joe Quesada....why did I suddenly just get the urge to throw a scalding hot cup of joe in his face then kick him in the nads. Now aside from Joe's mostly lack luster art for this comic Kevin Smith writing saved the day and gave this comic a really tragic ending for the old Horn head. So without any further delay lets dive in to one of my favorite Daredevil comic's
        Now I really hate the cover for this comic namely cause it's a bigger spoiler then the Phantasm action figure for Batman Mask of the Phantasm it pretty much guarantee's that someone close to DD is going to die and considering his facial expression it's someone very close to him and considering it's a light haired woman so anyone with half a brain they can probably guess it's Karen Page. Nice job Joe Q  another Epic fail on your part. Now the cover that should have been the only used for this issue was the variant which I own and in my opinion leaves a lot more to the imagination and all it really tells you is Bullseye, Daredevil and a baby are involved somehow. Also another issue I have with the art for this comic is Mephisto because if you compared the Mephisto used in this comic to the one in Spider-man One More Day I can honestly say you would think they were two different characters cause in this comic Mephisto has what can only describe as a horse face...get your character appearances straight Quesada you Hack!!!! Okay enough about that let's look at the story now this tale is part 5 of the Guardian Devil Arc in which DD has to protect a baby who is said to be the Anti-Christ but unknown to him it is all a plot by Mysterio to get DD to kill him because according to him spider-man wasn't around....okayyyy that's a little stupid but thankfully we don't discover this really lame plot device till a few issues after this one. In this issue Daredevil has left the baby with his mother's church so that he can consult Doctor Strange on whether or not a cross he was given a few issues back had any magical properties which Doctor Strange determines it does not but actually a narcotic that is warping DD's mind and in order to provide total proof the child is not the Anti Christ Dr. Strange and DD consult the devil himself Mephisto after a brief conservation with him Matt realizes the baby is in danger rushes to save her at the church where Bullseye has already went to and killed everyone in the building save for the Baby and DD's Mom. After a fight where Bullseye nearly kills DD Karen arrives to help save the child by tricking Bullseye with a statue but Bullseye forces her to give him the real baby but before he escapes Karen takes Bullseye dis-guarded gun telling him to give the baby back or she'll shoot he tells her to go ahead and shoot him she pulls the trigger and nothing happens Bullseye then tells her he only brought 1 bullet but he will let her live because she's got some stone's he's about to leave but then says he forgot to give DD his billy club back and throws at him Karen then gives her life to save Matt's by diving into the club's path to which Bullseye remarks "What do you know I missed" then walks away laughing leaving a dying Karen in DD's arms to which her final words to him are "I'll miss." Now I said I would explain why this is the most heartbreaking death I've seen in Comics because all the other time's that I've seen save for superman's death no was able to get in the last words with those they failed to save they where just dead with the Knowledge as the hero they failed them but with this Matt took the hardest blow because he realized just how badly he failed with Karen's death unlike the others.
       I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and the Comic gets two stamps one for Art and one for story cause I have to grade the aspects of this book separately or it simply would not do the issue justice.
Daredevil #5 Story
Daredevil #5 Art

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