Daredevil #49

    Daredevil » Daredevil #49 - Hardcore, Part 4 released by Marvel on September 1, 2003.

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    Daredevil prepares to go out on patrol when his wife Milla Donovan awakes and asks him what he's doing. Matt tells here about the past few days including his fight with Typhoid Mary saying how it was all a distraction for something bigger. Daredevil leaves leaving Milla on her own or so he thought unbeknown to him Bullseye has been hiding in the apartment. As Bullseye confronts Milla he tells her of how he never got to take his time with any of matt's former lovers (Karen Page and Elektra) because it was always in the middle of something else when he killed them. He tells her of how he is going to take his time with her but before he can harm Her Daredevil returns and throws him through a window into the alleyway below. Daredevil tells Milla to call the police as he jumps down to go toe to toe with Bullseye once again. Bullseye and Daredevil go through their usual paces bullseye tosses throwing stars at him which Daredevil casually blocks with his Billy club. Daredevil then throws his billy club at bullseye who easily catches it and taunts him about the last time he did that which resulted in Karen Pages death. They continue to fight it out as Daredevil reveals he knows all about who Bullseye really is and how his mother was a prostitute and he has know idea who his father his and taunts him by calling him pathetic and unimportant. The Fight ends with Daredevil pinning Bullseye to the ground and Carving a Bullseye into his forehead saying how it represents what he did to Elektra and Karen Page as well as when Bullseye realizes he's worthless and will finally have the guts to kill himself instead of trying to goad Daredevil into doing it for him before this can go any further the FBI shows up and arrests Bullseye the issue ends with Milla thanking him for saving her life.

    Original Series Numbering #429



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    By The Angry Comic Book Critic        As a comic nerd I've seen a lot of sweet fights between heroes an villains over the years but out of all the Beat downs, Curb stomps, Ass beatings, and Monkey Knife Fights I've seen this one between Old horn head and Bullseye has to be one of my all time favorites. This is the fight when DD beats the living shit out of bullseye in the coolest way possible even Hit girl would tip her hat to this one so without any further delay lets dive in.        This all b...

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