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Mr. Silke's attempt to take over the Kingpin's territory backfires when Vanessa, the Kingpin's estranged wife, exacts revenge on all his fellow conspirators, brutally killing everyone - including her own son.

Afraid for his life, Silke turns himself in to the FBI. When they refuse his request for protection, he gives them the one piece of information that he thinks will save him: That Daredevil is really a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock.

The FBI decide not to follow up on the Daredevil information. But the next day, on the cover of the biggest tabloid in the city, the headline reads: Daredevil's Secret Identity Revealed.

The secret is out. Matt's secret was leaked to the press by a down-on-his-luck FBI agent. No one Matt knows, just a guy who needed some quick cash.

The world press has camped outside of Matt's house, waiting for a statement - waiting for confirmation. Foggy Nelson, Matt's partner and best friend rallies behind Matt in his darkest hour. Foggy tells Matt that it is time for Matt to retire his costume and secret identity as a vigilante, but that if he confesses his double life that he will be disbarred and go to jail.


This issue also has the third part of a Jay Leno/Spider-man team-up (Jay Leno and Spider-man: One night only) comic adventure, that was published in various, separate issues of comic magazines. It hasn`t been collected in to a trade, but is available as a digital comic.

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