Daredevil #3

    Daredevil » Daredevil #3 - The Owl, Ominous Overlord of Crime! released by Marvel on August 1, 1964.

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    The Owl, whose first appearance this is, is being investigated for financial fraud and enlists the help of Nelson & Murdock to defend him. Against Foggy's wishes, Matt decides to take on the case, so as to learn more about the Owl.

    Although Matt has a brief meeting with the Owl, he senses that the criminal has no intention of turning up for trial. Changing into Daredevil later that day, he tries to track the Owl down, unaware that the criminal has his own base (his Aerie) offshore.

    Karen Page is kidnapped by the Owl and Daredevil tracks her down and rescues her. When Daredevil and the Owl battle, the criminal manages to trick Daredevil onto a staircase that he turns into a chute that sends him into surrounding waters. However when the Owl attempts to escape on a boat, Daredevil jams its propellor with its cane, causing the Owl to fall into the water, his fate uncertain.


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    Court of Owl's 0

    In a vast improvement over last issue, Daredevil number three has Daredevil facing off against a crime lord named 'The Owl' who has the minor superpower of flight. Think the Vulture crossed with the Kingpin.But, this is The Owl at the start of career, just making a transition from predatory Wall Street investor to crime boss. To do so, he enlists the help of Matt Murdock to be his attorney/patsy. Murdock gets The Owl released with a writ, but when he fails to appear in court the next day, Murdoc...

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    The Owl Takes Glide 0

     This issue is the debut of the sinister OWL.  We meet him as he is being investigated for fraud. With the illusion of a legitimate buisnessman is shed, he decides to put together a criminal gang.  In one of the more unbelievable scenes, The Owl drops two henchman down a pit only to save them to show his power to them.   Neither the sharpshooter, or the superstrong henchman then turn to him and beat him senseless. Gliding does not help you on the ground.  Things get better as we return to the ci...

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    Daredevil No3 0

    This issue is notable for the debut of the Owl and not an awful lot else, to be honest.  At the beginning Owlie is pretending to be a respectable businessman who is being warned by his accountant that the Feds have cottoned on to his dishonest dealings.  In a magnificent display of true sadism, in probably the issue's best moment, the Owl turns round and tells the poor accountant that he knows and he's going to take the fall for him.  Nyah, nyah.  The poor accountant ends up throwing himself in ...

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