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Nuff Said

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     I have never read this comic because nobody has there is no dialog in this book what so ever and it is told completely through use of artwork now this book could have easily sucked ass but considering this book has no dialog they manage to pull off pretty well all things considered. Now some of you maybe wondering why this comic has no dialog well that's because this issue was part of a special event in marvel comics called "Nuff Said" where the company put out a issue for most of there major titles where the entire story would be conveyed through the art work yeah it's kinda of annoying to buy a comic with no words in it but I was actually surprised at how good they where hell some of them where even better then comics I've read with dialog and monologue. So with that begin said lets dive in.
     Now from what I can gather the story is about Elektra warning Matt about an open bounty that has been placed on him not Daredevil and throughout the issue DD faces of against the hitmen Shotgun (who looks like a common thug compare to his appearances in Punisher War Journal) and Boomerang and after kicking there asses six ways from Sunday he lands in a crowd that Bullseye is lurking in but there is no fight Bullseye just disappears into the crowd and the issue ends. Okay I understood the Middle and the beginning of the story but they lost me at the end I have no idea why Bullseye was there and why he left without doing Jack Shit that's the main reason this comic lost the Star and a half because it feel apart at the end. Now the Artwork is great it's very dark and gritty and works perfectly for the way they're telling this volume of the series so to the artist I say props.
    I'm the Angry Comic book Critic and this gets the stamp of approval 
Daredevil Vol.2 #28

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