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Regular artist John Romita Jr. unavailable to pencil this issue the INFERNO storyline was put on hold. So writer Ann Nocenti came up with this off beat issue. It chronology takes place before INFERNO.

Plot Summary

The Bomber Boys, a gang from Chicago, are hired by the Owl to, "Step to in, make a few million and slip out" of New York. They target the Cannibals, a "clever gang",

There plan is to steal the Cannibals drug bags and exchange it with explosive bags.

Once the Owl leaves the Bombers, he reveals that is really wants the money so build his own pair of wings.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, a bum and is found baby are unaware that a drug bag switch is going on behind them. The bum puts the baby is what he assumes is a empty trash bag, only to have it taken from him by a Cannibal member.

Daredevil hears explosions and investagates. He finds gang members and the bum who assumes his baby was in the bag that exploded.

Daredevil tracks down the Bombers and beats 10 of them by himself. He and the Owl then fight.

The owl escapes by putting the bum in danger and then fleeing. Daredevil then convinces the Bombers to de-fuse the bombs. Daredevil then finds the bag with the baby still in it and returns the baby to his "father".

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