Daredevil #25

    Daredevil » Daredevil #25 - Enter: The Leap Frog! released by Marvel on February 1, 1967.

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    Introducing Daredevil’s third identity! After Foggy and Karen suspect Matt is Daredevil, Murdock creates a fictional twin brother, Mike Murdock. But a greater threat emerges when DD is attacked by a costumed villain wearing spring loaded shoes…the first appearance of Leap Frog!

    Matt arrives back in New York, surprised to be greeted by a new villain, the Leap Frog, as he steps off the plane. The Leap Frog plays around with airport security and Matt before quickly disappearing, pleased that his little test has gone to plan.

    Back at Nelson and Murdock, Karen is still reeling from the letter received from Spider-man saying that Matt is Daredevil. When Foggy and Karen challenge Matt about this, Matt states that Spider-man might have been confusing him with his twin brother, Mike. Foggy is somewhat disbelieving about this, as Matt never mentioned he had a brother when the two were rooming together at college and demands that he meets him.

    Meanwhile the Leap Frog has now gained a costume and has decided to rob a jewellery store. When he set off the alarm, Daredevil is alerted. When they battle though, the Leap Frog's agility is too much for Matt and he escapes.

    Having dreamt up the notion of a twin, Matt dresses up extravagantly and poses as Mike Murdock, visiting the Nelson and Murdock offices. Both Karen and Foggy are dumbfounded by the appearance of the much more cooler Murdock brother. Tuning into the office radio, Matt/Mike hears that the Leap Frog is in action again and so makes his excuses and leaves.

    This time, Daredevil uses his billy club to attach itself onto the Leap Frog and Matt reels him in and ends up knocking him out. The final panel reveals that Matt and Foggy have been asked to represent the villain in court.



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    Introducing Mike Murdock 0

      The book begins with Matt Murdock getting off of a plane when he hears the sounds of giant springs. The Frog Man ( before he is in costume ) has decided to test his springs ( or in Stan Lees vernacular his unstoppable springs ).  I can't even believe the audacity of contrivances that we are being asked to swallow even on the first page.   Are we really supposed to believe that Frogman made his springs, then the only place he could think to test them was a busy airport, and it just so happened ...

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    Daredevil 25 0

    Well, I gotta say.  There are underwhelming villains and then there are villains whose first glance of them is in a suit with a handkerchief around the bottom half of their face and with coil springs on the soles of their shoes.  Yes, folks, meet the Leap Frog, possibly brought into duty because Slightly Bored Man was unavailable.  Okay, I'm being a little unkind.  But, hey, as with the Owl's mechanical bird a few issues back, Stan, obviously embarrassed, has Matt on page two asking "How corny c...

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