Daredevil #21

    Daredevil » Daredevil #21 - The Trap is Sprung released by Marvel on October 1, 1966.

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    Daredevil continues to battle the Owl in his Owl Airie despite an impending volcanic eruption. With this situation heating up quite literally, will Daredevil be able to escape with his life? The Owl sharpens his beak when he unleashes an owl robot on DD and Judge Lewis!

    Daredevil is trapped by the Owl in a cage that is hanging over a seemingly bottomless pit. The Owl flicks a switch that releases the base of the cage and Matt is left holding on the bars of the cage to prevent himself falling to his death. The Owl then heats up the bars, forcing Daredevil to let go. However, the villain has forgotten to take the man without fear's billy club away and Matt is able to swing to safety.

    As parts of masonry begin to fall from the Aerie's ceiling, Daredevil chases the Owl who leads the hero to the 'Forbidden Chamber'. Before Daredevil can reach the room, a hitherto unknown volcano erupts on the island. When Daredevil does reach the Forbidden Chamber he is met by a gigantic metal Owl.

    The Owl makes his metal pet chase Daredevil around the room until Matt flings his billy club at the Owl and stuns him. The volcano is now beginning to destroy the Owl's Aerie so both villain and hero grab the metal bird's claws, hoping that it will fly them out of harm's way. The Owl tries to stamp on Daredevil's hands, so that he loses grip and falls. However Daredevil manages to hold on, whilst the Owl lets go and glides to safety.

    Daredevil somehow manoeuvres the metal bird to pick up Judge Lewis, as lava falls all around him and they too escape the disintegrating island.



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    SUMMARY:  The book opens where the last issue left off. Daredevil is captured by the Owl and hanging in a cage. When the bottom is dropped, Daredevil begins to make his escape thanks to the Owl forgetting to take Daredevils billy club.  After his grand escape the rest of the book becomes one long fight scene that  culminates into a fight between Daredevil and a gigantic mechanical bird.  COVER : Well ... it's all there now isn't it. The Owl, Daredevil, and possibly one of Stan Lees greatest mist...

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    Daredevil 21 0

    A very dramatic opening sequence here as Daredevil hangs over a seemingly bottomless pit in a bottomless cage!  That old Aerie sure has a lot of space for fiendish traps, huh?  Unfortunately it's also very old, as Matt had spotted last issue, when little pieces of stone crumbled down on his from the ceiling.  Now what could this be leading to?  The Owl's Aerie, it transpires, has only been built on top of an active volcano!  Perhaps the Owl got the land particularly cheap considering the potenti...

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