Daredevil #19

    Daredevil » Daredevil #19 - Alone Against the Underworld! released by Marvel on August 1, 1966.

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    Gladiator has his day in court following his attack on Foggy, but the trial is soon interrupted by criminal goons who pluck Gladiator from the courtroom. Convinced that Foggy Nelson is still Daredevil, the Masked Marauder and Gladiator set their sights on the attorney. Will the true Daredevil reveal himself in time to save his friend?

    After Foggy's impersonation of Daredevil in the last issue, he is shocked to find a headline on the front page of the Daily Bugle allegeding that he is the man without fear. Matt concerned visits him as Daredevil and suggests that he admit to the hoax to avoid being targetted by gangsters.

    The Gladiator is in custody following being thwarted by Matt the previous issue. However, before being sentenced, he is sprung by a gang of criminals posing as journalists, who take him to their boss, the Masked Marauder. The Gladiator is somewhat reluctant to be in the Marauder's company so the latter shoots his opti-blast at his eyes to disorient him.

    Hearing on the radio that the Gladiator has escaped, Daredevil goes looking for him, telling Foggy to stay in his apartment, making his way to Melvin Potter's costume shop to see if he can find the villain.

    The Gladiator is of course elsewhere - with the Masked Marauder, who instructs his men to go after Foggy Nelson, who he supposes is Daredevil. The Marauder offers the Gladiator the position of second-in-command of his company. However, instead the angried criminal attacks the Marauder, not wanting to be hit by his opti-blasts once again. A battle between the two ensues.

    The Marauder's men have reached Foggy's apartment and gain entrance by once again posing as journalists. Before they can apprehend Foggy, however, Daredevil crashes through the window of the flat. Daredevil takes down the criminals, though one escapes to let the Marauder know what has occurred. The escapade teaches Foggy a lesson - he will no longer impersonate Daredevil.

    The last henchman returns to the Masked Marauder's haunt where he interrupts the two villains' fight. Both are surprised to learn that Nelson is not Daredevil and this news sparks agreement between the two to work as partners to take the man without fear down.



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    Summary:   Foggy Nelson finds out that his wwhite lie to Karen about him being Daredevil has now made the news.  Daredevil warns him to stay in his apartment just in case his enemies are now targeting Foggy.  In the meantime, The Marauder has sent his men to help break the Gladiator out of prison.   When the Gladiator arrives at the Marauders hideout, the Marauder tells him he wants the Gladiator to be a part of his gang. This angers the Gladiator and the two begin to fight.  Back at Foggies apa...

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    Daredevil 19 0

    Back in the 60s, Stan Lee could be very playful in the comic books he was writing, making little witty asides, giving nicknames to writers and artists, talking about the MMMS.  In this issue, he hands out a rosette on the first page of the story assuring the reader that, not only has the book been passed by Comics Code Authority, but also meets the "Good Marvelkeeping Seal of Approval" (with 'nuff said added below).  I'm not sure if this rosette was ever handed out again or what it was about thi...

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