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Frank Miller...Before he went Batshit Bananas

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Okay I said Daredevil Vol.2 #105 is my all time favorite issue of the series but what I neglected to mention was that it was tied with this one for top spot. This to me was Frank Miller at his finest yes while he has a lot of amazing works like Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns before he went all Whore crazy and went completely out of his mind after finishing the awesome Sin City Series. This is when Frank did something that is rare to find in comics now-a-days he told the entire story from the perspective of the Villain and in this case it was one of my all time favorites Bullseye the King of Aim, the Master Assassin, The Mother Fucking Lord of Death! Now for doing this form of perspective in this kind of story it can be very tricky because honestly most of us would are curious as to what Daredevil's thoughts where as he went through the death of Elektra and confronted her killer but it was absent from this story aside from what Daredevil physically side that's where this story kinda fumbled a bit. Well enough of that I'll get into it more as I review this sucker so lets begin.
       The Cover. God how I love this cover you got Bullseye and Elektra going at it while Daredevil watches powerlessly in the background unable to do anything to save his lost lover and I'll be damned if the rest of the comic doesn't convey that message so to Frank Miller say bravo he did a fantastic job on this issue and we're not even on page one yet. 
        So the story where would this comic be without the story? Honestly it wouldn't even exist without the story and what a story it is the comic begins with Bullseye fantasizing about how he's going to kill Daredevil....Yeah most guys fantasize about Hot babes in the joint not killing other guys...He says a gunshot to the head is too quick for his liking and reflects on all the ways DD has humiliated him over the years as well as how much he hates him for saving his life back in Daredevil #169. Bullseye continues to train in a effort to improve his skills so that when he get's out he can finish DD once and for all (Yeah right) during his training Bullseye gets a headache (Oh Poor Baby) and as to be restrained as they give him his meds. Now what happens next is the whole reason Elektra became worm food. Bullseye is in the yard where he is spoken to by none other than the Punisher who tells him he's not going to be bailed out by the kingpin and that he is no longer his top assassin now that Elektra is top dog which infuriates him and prompts him to escape during a live T.V interview with him at the prison....Okay I'm just going to say it Bullseye acts like a teenage girl in terms of his desire to be the center of the universe I mean Deathstroke would never act like this much of a cry baby if it was him he'd just grow a pair and go kick some ass and prove he's the best cause as we all know talk is cheap. Meanwhile Matt and Foggy have just finished up a trial and is taking a cab home unfortunately for him the driver is none other that Elektra who tells him she has been ordered to kill him. She takes Foggy somewhere isolated and prepares to kill him but can't and lets him go after he tells her that he remembers her as "Matt's girl"...huh I guess their is a shred of humanity hidden in that black hole she calls her heart. After Foggy leaves Bullseye makes his move...Okay this is my main problem and probably only issues with this otherwise amazing comic there is slim to no dialog added with the fights in this issue and call me old fashioned but I like to get a little back and forth between hero and villain when they fight. So the battle ends with Bullseye Stabbing Elektra through the Heart with her Sai. Elektra crawls her way to Matt's house and dies in his arms as Bullseye in disguise watches on a suspects correctly I might add that Matt is in fact Daredevil which proves by trying to kill him at the morgue by throwing a scalpel which Matt casually blocks with his cane. That night Bullseye goes to kill Matt at his home but because Daredevil actually has a brain cell or two tricks Bullseye by setting up a dummy to stand in for him as he and Bullseye battle across New York ending with Daredevil dropping Bullseye off a telephone poll paralyzing him from the eyes down. Again I really wanted to see some more dialog in this fight aside from "you'll never kill anyone ever again" buy hey as the philosopher Jagger said "You can't always get what you want."
        Overall despite a few personal annoyances this was a great tale and an iconic moment in comic history and shows a time when Frank Miller was still a top class writer and artist. I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this bad boy gets the Stamp of approval.
Daredevil #181 

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