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Is he Insane?

The good

This or Uncanny X-force is my favourite Marvel book at the moment it has had great fun stories perfect characterization and beautiful art and this issue is no different.

Now let me just say one thing THAT IS THE BEST COVER I HAVE SEEN IN AGES it's so simple in his pose but the veins looks so real and I love how his bats are so bold and stick out and I love all the veins meeting up at his skin.

Now on to the actual story this series has been quite different from previous Daredevil series with it taking a more light-hearted approach than the previous series but this issue might change that. From the beginning we get the feeling that this won't be like the previous stories in the first page we get the feeling this will be different because there is a man asking for help because his sister has been framed for the murder of her employer and boy is it dark his death is gruesome and you did not see it coming and really sets the tone for the whole issue. We also get some insight into what's happening between Foggy and Matt and how poor their relationship is it was an interesting development in issue 16 and it's interesting to see it develop here. Now is he insane? That is the question that was also raised in issue 16 and the story continues in this issue with this continuing. One of the interesting way it was continued is the return of a character from Matt's past his wife but the way it's done is really clever and really makes you think. The second bit comes when Matt's trying to get some answers out of a Drug dealer and well it is so interesting to see not only do you get some good action scenes but you get a fairly shocking twist in it. Now the cliffhanger that is really clever and really makes this story arc seem even darker than it was before.

The art well Chris Samnee knock it out of the park it's so shadowy and dynamic and the facial expressions are perfect.

The bad

Pity Coyote didn't turn up I was interested to see him appear.

5 stars.

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