Daredevil #170

    Daredevil » Daredevil #170 - The Kingpin Must Die released by Marvel on May 1, 1981.

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    Retired in Japan, Kingpin sends his wife, Vanessa, to New York to hire Nelson and Murdock. Kingpin's plan is to turn state's evidence against the East Coast crime bosses.

    Daredevil makes a surprise visit in a grimy saloon off of South Street. Inside Josie's Bar,Turk is enjoying his drink until he sees DD. Fleeing to escape a beating ,Turk dives ,smashing thru the saloon window into the street where he hijacks a cab. Turk makes it only around the corner when DD crash lands on the hood of the taxi. DD then delivers a smashing kick which breaks thru the windshield finding Turks chest,knocking the air out of his lungs. Turk soon informs DD of the word on the street. That the crime lords put a 5 million dollar bounty on the Kingpins Head. DareDevil is surprised because the Kingpin has been retired. In Japan ,The Kingpin practices his Judo sparring with several attackers. He is interrupted when his wife Vanessa and U.S. Attorney General come into the room. Kingpin expected the Attorney General and tells his wife of an opportunity to negotiate to clear his name by turning over old files that can incriminate the east coast underworlds upper echelon and if he is an informer he will receive 7 million dollars for his trouble. Vanessa insists he will need a lawyer for legal assistance. She tells her husband that she has contacted the law offices of Nelson and Murdock to acquire their services. A few days later Vanessa Fisk flies to New York city and meets with the lawyers. Not long after her arrival there bullets spray thru the law offices window. Matt Murdocks hyper senses warn him just scant seconds before the attack . He instinctly jumps out of his chair knocking Vanessa to the floor of his office. Matt rushes out of the building changing into DD to apprehend the assassin. Honing his hyper senses on the direction of the assassins attack ,DD reaches the killer on the roof across the street. After a brief skirmish, the assassin falls to his death despite DD's attempt to save him. Returning to his law office ,Matt Murdock finds Lt . Manolis talking with Foggy. "Theres been a Kidnapping . The Kingpins wife. Where were you?" the Lieutenant demands. No one seems to be talking here so we are all going downtown." Later in the day a killer is released. Bullseye is acquitted of all crimes because the court believes that the tumor that was excised from his brain was responsible for his madness and actions. Landing a job With New York city crime lords, a limo greets him to take him to his employers. DareDevil follows the limo containing Bullseye to one of the top floors of a New York skyscraper. Inside DD finds out that the crime lords have kidnapped Vanessa Fisk and will pay Bullseye 10 million to take out Kingpin. DareDevil steps out of the shadows to confront Bullseye." I can't let you do this. I saved your life. I can't help but feel responsible for what you do with it." A battle ensues and DareDevil is thrown smashing thru the office window on the top floor of the skyscraper. As he falls, his billy club ensnares the buildings upper ledge stopping his fall. Bullseye pulls out his gun, shoots and severs the line. DD desperately grasps for a flag below him . It tares although it slows his fall somewhat . DD then using the remnant of the flag he tries to wrap it around statue peering out from the buildings edge below him. As the remnant wraps around the head of the statue it breaks. DareDevils fall ends as he crashes into the back of a passing flat bed trash truck. The crime lords try to anticipate the Kingpins arrival and plan to have him killed. They soon find out where the Kingpin is to arrive, on a farm in Staten island. They plan to have a welcoming committee for Kingpin when his plane arrives . After the plane stops the armed committee surrounds the plane. Seconds later, the plane explodes taking out and killing the surrounding welcoming committee. On the horizon another plane approaches and lands. The Kingpin steps out onto the wing of the plane watching their enemies burn. The Kingpin is not happy and vows ,"I had foreworn all this . I had reformed... out of my love for Vanessa. But now that it sickens me. I must use my old skills again... I must Kill again... out of that same love. If Vanessa is harmed the city will suffer a gang war bloodier than it has ever seen."



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                  Here we find DareDevil very much like Hell Kitchens friendly  neighborhood Hornhead.  He's feeling pretty good about himself. DD befriends an older gentleman going for a jog and ends up racing him. He then shows off his physical prowess by running up to the top of Canal Street Bridge and jumping off it then saving himself with his trusty billy club. Later he hits up Turk for the current talk on the street after stopping him from hijacking a taxi cab. In Japan we see Wilson Fisk tal...

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