Daredevil #17

    Daredevil » Daredevil #17 - None Are So Blind! released by Marvel on June 1, 1966.

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    The Masked Marauder’s plot to pit Spider-Man and Daredevil against each other becomes reality, as Spider-Man crashes into the law office of Nelson and Murdock! But what happens when Spidey has the wrong man pegged as Daredevil? Foggy proves he will stop at nothing to win over Karen’s affection, while Daredevil and Spider-Man reach a truce. With the two heroes aligned, will the Masked Marauder be eliminated at long last?

    We open on Spider-Man holding Fogge Neslon out a windo trying to get him to confess to being Daredevil, while Matt Murdock and Karen Page try to reason with him. Foggy refuses to admit anything while Matt holds back. Karen asks how come Spider-Man doesn't tell everyone his identity! Touché!

    Spider-Man leaves. Foggy wishes that Karen would speak his name with the same awe she does Spider-Man's so he makes a comment to lead her to believe he may be Daredevil. Foggy instantly thinks he shouldn't have said anything. Karen instantly thinks that Matt is envious of Foggy. Matt thinks Foggy is crazy for pretneding to be Daredevil. (All this thinking is contained in a panel with seven thought balloons and Stan declares a No-Prize!) Foggy offers Karen and Matt a ride home. Karen accepts and as she leaves she secretly pines for Mat to love her.

    Minutes later Matt is dressed as Daredevil and is out the window, swinging across the city. He knows it's the Masked Marauder that has been behind the crimes in the city so he starts to investigate. He learns that the Marauder has stolen the powerful XB-390 engine from the World Motor Center, but not the fuel to power it. He figures this is his chance to trap the Marauder, so he convinces Jonah Jameson to buy TV airtime to lure The Masked Marauder into a trap. At Aunt May's house, Peter Parker is watching and vows to return to the scene of the earlier crime to stop the Masked Marauder who he thinks SURELY will try to steal the fuel. Coincidentally, The Masked Marauder sees Jameson's new report and instantly plots to return to the World Motor Center to steal the fuel! Matt returns to the law office just in time to start the day on no sleep.

    We jump forward 12 hours and as Daredevil swings to the World Motors Center, Spider-Man sees him and, believing that he's in cahoots with The Masked Marauder, starts fighting with him. Spider-Man gets the best of Daredevil until their little party is broken up by the sight of a blimp traveling towards the World Motor Center. Security at the building is momentarily panicked about the blimp, but when they see that it says World Motors on the side, they relax.

    They should have panicked though because inside the blimp is none other than The Masked Marauder and his men and they are about to attack. Daredevil lets Spidey spring into action and wipe out all the Masked Marauder's henchmen. Marauder gets the upper hand when he blasts Spider-Man with his Opt-Blast. This is when Daredevil rides in for the rescue!

    The Masked Marauder tries to blind Daredevil with his deadly Opt-Blast but it has no effect because Daredevil's...BLIND! DD takes out the MM and then notices that his henchmen are getting away. So Daredevil grabs a fallen gun and shoots the blimp making it explode! The security guards arrest the henchmen but The Masked Marauder escapes disguised as a security guard to fight another day! Daredevil does his best to clear Spider-Man's name.

    On the street Karen bumps into Foggy and comes straight out and asks if he's Daredevil. Foggy doesn't pretty much confirms that he is. Unfortunately, a security guard overhears them. A security guard that is really...THE MASKED MARAUDER!

    Our issue ends with Matt wondering when the Marauder will re-appear, why Foggy is trying to deceive Karen and just what Spider-Man thinks about Daredevil!

    Next Issue...THE GLADIATOR.



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    Irrational Spiders 0

    SUMMARY :  SPOILERS The book opens with Spiderman holding Foggy out of a window, threatening him to confess to being Daredevil. Foggy stands up to him, yet in spite of Foggies lack of muscular definition, or the fact, that Spiderman knows first hand Daredevil could and would have fought him, he remains convinced.  This  puts a seed in Foggies head to pretend to be Daredevil so he can impress Karen Page.     Daredevil ( the real one swings over to the scene of the Marauders last crime, The World ...

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    Daredevil 17 0

    Poor Foggy - not only does he endure the indignity of being held out of a window by Spider-man at the beginning of this issue - the webcrawler's doubting that he is in fact Daredevil due to the fact that Nelson is 'flabbier' than he would imagine the man without fear to be.  Whilst Foggy clearly carries a substantial belly later in the run, he's portrayed as positively svelte in the early issues by comparison.  With this mention of flab, though, Foggy is suddenly displayed as packing a few extra...

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