Daredevil #169

    Daredevil » Daredevil #169 - Devils released by Marvel on March 1981.

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    Bullseye has a tumor in his brain that makes him see every day people as Daredevil, and he starts to kill them all.

    Matt Murdock appears on the Tom Snyde show, when a emergency broadcast interrupts the show with news of Bullseye the deadly assassin's murderous escape from Midtown Hospital where he was about to undergo surgery. Later at the Hospital DareDevil and Lt. Manolis go over the murder scene in the OR. Dr Gloss shares with the two that Bullseye has a.cancerous growth in his brain. It creates pressure on his brain causing him immense headaches and hallucinations The doctor believes "it was responsible for his emotional collapse at Coney Island . During his headaches he believes everyone looks like DareDevil." Out on the street Bullseye sees devils everywhere and is spotted striking down 3 people and this information arrives a few moments later breaking up the discussion between DD, Manolis and the doctor. DareDevil finds Bullseye after seeing a man fleeing from aTimes square movie house. Inside Bullseye is killing or injuring the movie goers to be suddenly stopped by the appearance of DareDevil. They skirmish until Bullseye takes a movie goer hostage with a knife to his neck. Bullseye then throws the knife at DD . He tries to catch knife with his right hand but the blade still manages to hit him in the chest. DD goes down. Bullseye then takes the movie goer and demands he take him to his apartment. the hostage complies. Later back at the movie house Manolis is there along with ambulance taking care of the injured with DareDevil being among them . DareDevil realizes his only lead to finding Bullseye lies in a heavily medicated throat lozenges. One of the hostages must have a serious throat problem. it s like finding a needle in a hay stack but DareDevil he climbs to the rooftops and tries to separate noise and sound and smell. His focus and concentration using his hyper senses are unwavering as they isolate it all until he smiles. He finally hears the cough and the smell of the lozenge. Not too much later DareDevil finds the hostages and Bullseye. A chase ensues and leads into the subway. The noise of the subway renders DD's hyper senses useless as they are overwhelmed. DareDevil becomes victim to the punishment Bullseye is handing to him. DD realizes he is going to lose this battle if he doesn't do something fast. Never giving up DD finally gets a good hold of Bullseye and proceeds to unleash a brutal beating that knocks Bullseye unconscious. Feeling too weak to remove Bullseye from the tracks from the oncoming subway train. DD debates whether or not he should save his enemy or not. In the end DD does save Bullseye from a horrible demise. Later in the Hospital DareDevil defends his actions of saving Bullseyes life to Police Detective Manolis. DD preaches about the laws hes sworn to uphold and they were created to keep such men as Bullseye in check. DD confesses "I wanted Bullseye to die. I detest him but I'm not God, I'm not the Law and I'm not a murderer." Manolis warns DD " the next time Bullseye kills it will be your fault" After their arguement ,the hospital speaker system announces that Bullseyes operation was a success



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     Devils, Devils! Everywhere Devils. This issue is great DD fun.  DareDevil must use his abilities to locate Bullseye, save the hostages he's holding and save Bullseye from himself. Turns out Bullseye has a brain tumor that  must be excised. The tumor causes headaches that cause Bullseye to have hallucinations where everyone he sees come in the form of his most dreaded and hated foe ,DareDevil ,of course.  The problem is Bullseye has one of these headaches right before he is supposed to get his m...

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