Daredevil #168

    Daredevil » Daredevil #168 - Elektra released by Marvel on January 1, 1981.

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    This issue reveals that Matt Murdock loved Elektra before his accident and the murder of her parents. Seeking a different path for her solace, Elektra has turned to the bloody justice of the Hand.

    *Classic issue noted as being the writing debut of Frank Miller on Daredevil. It was Miller's first step to becoming a comics legend.

    **Second cover is the May 2005 movie promo reprint.

    On a dark rainy night in Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil searches for a thief named Arlarich Wallenquist. This thief witnessed a murder and can clear another man falsely accused of it. Daredevil seeks to bring Wallenquist into court. Wallenquist paid for protection from Eric Slaughter. As Daredevil descends from a street light he finds Turk, dressed as a blind man. Turks seeing eye dog named Brutus attacks Daredevil. Daredevil quickly dispatches and takes the dog out. It's not long before Turk is about to break and divulge the information when Daredevils radar sense warns him of someone circling him. A man dressed as a wino suddenly throws a bottle of nitroglycerin which Daredevil eludes before it explodes. The wino, who is really an employee of Slaughter's, flees from the scene to only have an injured Daredevil block his escape route. Noticing Daredevil's condition the man tries to pull a gun only to have Daredevil knock the gun out of his hand. Daredevil then tries to get the information from the man only to be attacked from above by a mysterious assailant. Before he falls unconscious he recognizes a familiar voice from his past. It is Elektra. As Daredevil lies unconscious, his thoughts recollects his memories of Elektra. A lover from Matt Murdock's college years. She left Matt when her father was killed at the college when terrorists held her and her father hostage despite Matt's attempt to help the situation. Now Elektra is an assassin who is out to collect a bounty on Wallenquists head. Elektra uses the injured man to call his boss Eric Slaughter. He updates his boss and tells him that everything is going as planned and that there's no sign of a bounty hunter and to meet him at seaplane at the abandoned dock at 4 am. This was the tip off to Slaughter that his man was compromised and sets a trap for the bounty hunter. Daredevil finds out he same information waiting at Village Cigars from Mickey, one of Slaughter's men who was sent for more of his favorite cigars. There is a showdown between Slaughter's men and Elektra. She succumbs to the trap when she is hit with a tranquilizer dart. Suddenly the seaplane that was to take Wallenquist to his destination crashes into the dock. Then Daredevil happens to take down the rest of Slaughter's men who are standing. Wallenquist now holds Elektra at gunpoint. As Elektra comes to, Daredevil yells "Hit em Low Olive Oil !" as she does so Daredevil launches his billy club at Wallenquist taking him out. Elektra Realizes that the hero is her old lover Matt. The long lost lovers share a kiss and then the hero takes Wallenquist in.



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    Elektra Part 1: Daredevil #168 0

    This is Elektra’s first appearance, as Frank Miller retconned her into Matt Murdock’s past. I know I’ve talked about Elektra before, but I feel the need to further explore the history of the character if for no other reason than to get the voices out of my head.  I’ve never owned this issue, but have seen it many times while working at a comic shop in . At the time, it was worth more than I could afford. I have it now in the Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2 Trade.   Alarich Wallenq...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Millers Magic 0

      This issue starts the beginning of Frank Millers run as writer/artist and introduces his character named ELEKTRA.   Millers art is amazing in this issue as he creates the noir feel complete with foreign intrigue. I remember being impressed with this comic and loving the Elektra character almost immediately. Miller is building and using more re-occurring cast members namely Ben Urich Turk and Eric Slaughter. Miller sets up a flashback that works well at introducing  Elektra one of his own,self ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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