Daredevil #16

    Daredevil » Daredevil #16 - Enter... Spider-Man! released by Marvel on May 1, 1966.

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    Spider-Man duped into attacking Daredevil! After the Masked Marauder has his goons dress up in Daredevil costumes, New York's wall-crawler falls for a switch n' bait against Matt Murdock! Will Daredevil be able to prove his innocence to a fellow hero?

    The Masked Marauder, sick of being constantly thwarted by Spider-man, comes up with a plan to distract him in future escapades - he dresses up his henchmen as Daredevil, instructing them to attack DD whenever they see him.

    Spider-man, thus, is attacked by various henchmen in different locations. However, he is bemused by the half-heartedness of their efforts and becomes suspicious about who exactly is attacking him.

    Matt, becoming aware of the attacks by 'Daredevil' on Spidey decides to investigate what's going on. When he comes across Spider-man in his own costume, the inevitable battle ensues. The Marauder is ecstatic, knowing now that he can carry out his own criminal plans without having to deal with the wall crawler and he calls his team into action - the robbery of the Advanced Plans Vault. The Masked Marauder's henchmen blast open the vault and steal plans for a secret engine called the XB 390.

    Whilst they battle, Matt figures out that the fight is a distraction and manages, eventually, to tie Spidey up so that he can go after the Masked Marauder. Both heroes though continue to suspect each other of being in league with the villain.

    Swinging through the city later, Pete's spider sense starts tingling around the offices of Nelson and Murdock. He is convinced that Daredevil is one of those working inside, Ruling out Karen and Matt (because he is blind), Spidey crashes through the office window and attacks Foggy...



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    Daredevil Vs. Spiderman 0

    SUMMARY :   The Masked Marauder sends his men dressed as Daredevil to attack Spiderman.  Spiderman is completely fooled by the ruse, and when he sees Daredevil the next time, he attacks him without warning.  The two exchange blows, but Daredevil suggests they calm down and talk things over.   Spiderman responds by kicking him in the face.  Hearing that the two heroes are fighting, the Marauder takes advantage and sends his men to rob a bank. In the meantime, Spiderman continues to not listen and...

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