Daredevil #15

    Daredevil » Daredevil #15 - Hunted in Latveria released by Marvel on September 1, 2012.

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    Daredevil suffers his greatest loss ever – and that’s just the start of the story!

    Alone and helpless, Daredevil is hunted in Latveria!

    Meanwhile the law firm of Nelson & Murdock undergoes a drastic change!

    Daredevil has been captured by Doctor Doom and his scientists. They want to find out how his radar sense works to replicate its power for their own interests. During the night, Matt despairs over the loss of his senses and burns himself with hot water. He sees things and isn't sure if they are real or not. The scientists are meanwhile astonished by Daredevil's brain activity after five days of sensory deprivation.

    When his senses seem to come back partially, he sedates the nurse who was helping him and tries to escape. He climbs atop Castle Doom to destroy the communications damper and to send a message to the Avengers. He is about to get shot for that maneuver when Iron Man interrupts and takes him out of Latveria, after learning that they have inserted surgical bots into his brain. They fly him out to do a rescue operation.



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    Pick of the week! 0

    I have been really loving this series and this story arc especially and this issue doesn't let you down and is so good it's my pick of the week.The GoodThis issue starts with a scene of Daredevil trapped in Dooms castle and Latverian scientists experimenting on Daredevil and the reason I love this scene was because it explored what Daredevil was feeling so well and what he's going through.SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.then we get to see that Daredevils body is actually com...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Up a creek, without your senses... 0

    Highly Recommended!I knew this issue was going to be great. I just didn’t realize it would be this great. I am a bit biased, as I recently started reading this series based on the very good recommendation of Andrew Love - in fact, we discussed issues #1-#14 during Stacks of Comics - Episode 007 - Daredevil and Emil! - where we gave the series so far a resounding “5 Out of 5” with the current arc bordering on the best so far!Not surprisingly, Waid masterfully guides us through exactly what Matt i...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    An Internal Struggle 0

    I really enjoy the direction this series has been going, this being a prime example. Falling victim to Doom once again in the last issue, Daredevil, without his senses, must finds a means of escape before Doom's forces are finished with him. The pull of Daredevil has always been his powers, and this plays off them in such a way to make a strong, desperate and depressing story that utilizes those powers to their maximum to really present some great story. Honestly? If you read the last issue, you...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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