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Daredevil goes to Latveria

This is issue 14 of Daredevil

The Good

This issue starts out from the last issue with Daredevil trapped in Latveria and he uses his senses to work out where he is and this scene is done very well he uses several facts such as time differences and the smell of certain plants. Then we get onto the neat plot twist

of Daredevil's senses being removed by Nano Doom bugs.

Then we get onto this chase scene where he travels through Latveria gradually getting weaker until he reaches a train line and that's where the issue end and this whole issue is great the idea is great and the plots great and the ending is really poignant. There are also a few scenes with Foggy and Kirsten McDuffie which set things up nicely for later issues. This is the first issue I've read with Samnee's art in but I already love it it's just write for Daredevil shadowy and he really shows emotion well on characters and the action scenes are very well drawn.

The Bad

The wait for the next issue.

5 stars

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