Daredevil #14

    Daredevil » Daredevil #14 - If this Be Justice...! released by Marvel on March 1, 1966.

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    Daredevil heads across the pond! After the Plunderer involves Ka-Zar and Matt in his next plot, the two heroes find themselves in London embroiled in a heist operation. Will Plunderer be able to filch his family out of an inheritance? And will Daredevil be able to subdue a thief gone rogue? It all culminates in one shocking ending that spells bad news for Ka-Zar!

    The story opens with Daredevil and Ka-Zar seemingly knocked out by the grenade that had exploded near them at the end of the previous issue. Daredevil, however, is 'playing possum' and is instead listening to the shooter, Boswell, who contacts the butler Feepers by radio, to let him know he has the medallion. Feepers orders Boswell to bring the treasure to Plunder's castle. Boswell then drives to the castle, unaware that Daredevil is atop the vehicle.

    At the castle, Plunder has recovered and confronts his treacherous butler. Boswell arrives and attempts to shoot Plunder but hits Feepers instead, killing him. Plunder then disarms Boswell. As Plunder takes the medallion down to the stone tomb which encases the all powerful vibrating ore, Daredevil makes himself known and the two duel. Before much can be resolved, the police arrive, a bound Ka-Zar in their grasp. (Plunder had told the police in the previous issue that the heroes had killed his right hand man, Slagg.)

    Whilst the police shoots at him, Daredevil smashes through a window to escape. Ka-Zar is then taken away by the police and Plunder uses the medallion to open the stone tomb, where he moulds his metal into a deadly vibra-ray gun.

    Realising that Ka-Zar will need representation in a court of law, Matt telegrams Foggy, who, along with Karen, is extremely relieved to find his old partner alive. Foggy and Karen are soon on a jet plane on their way to defend Ka-Zar in England.

    The Plunderer outfits his own men in costumes just like his and reveals his plans for using his vibra-ray gun to hold the world to ransom. As the costumes being immune to the gun, his men will be fine. Daredevil, who has been listening in, spots an isolated guard and knocks him out. He then puts on his uniform.

    Using his submarine, the Plunderer now attacks a missile base in the north Atlantic. With his vibra-ray gun destroying his attackers, the Plunderer soon subdues the base. When the Plunderer threatens to launch missiles from the base, Daredevil has to reveal himself. Battling against his army, Daredevil, by nature of his heightened hearing, tells the Plunderer that he realises that the vibra-guns are made of plastic.

    Back in England, Ka-Zar is brought to trial. In court Ka-Zar breaks free of his chains and begins to tear up the courtoom. He is however soon knocked out by a gas shell.

    Ably assisted by the soldiers who had manned the missile base, Daredevil soon defeats Plunder, who admits that Ka-Zar was his brother, who he had been framed for Slagg's murder.

    Matt returns to London and meets up with Foggy and Karen. Leaving Ka-Zar to recuperate in hospital, Matt decides to return home with his colleagues and recommence practice in Nelson and Murdock.



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    Starts as a Good Swashbuckler; Descends Into a Dull Mess 0

    If this be the best ye can do...Daredevil #14 brings to an end the Plunderer story arc, which is a good thing because this issue really starts sinking under its own weight about halfway through.Daredevil and The Plunderer do battleThe comic starts out strong with Daredevil and Ka-Zar felled by an explosion, and the assailant taking Ka-Zar's medallion (half of a key to a doomsday weapon). Daredevil who was just 'playing possum' pursues the assailant back to the Plunderer's castle where the villa...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Plunderer = Fail 0

    Summary:  We find out that it was The Plunderers sidekick Feepers who fired the rocket that knocked out our heroes. Yet Daredevil is only faking, so when Feepers begins to drive away, from a car that seems to be quite close to our downed heroes, Daredevil leaps on the top for a free ride to the castle.   Back at the castle, the Plunderer has a run in with his butler, and in the midst of their fight, the butler accidently kills Feepers. the Plunderer then takes his stone into the Ore room where h...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Daredevil 14 0

    Phew!  Part three of a very peculiar saga, which opens with the butler Feepers seemingly the kingpin of crime in the shires of England.  Daredevil and Kazar were supposedly knocked out by a grenade at the end of the last issue but this episode tells us that it's DD's superb reflexes and radar that have enabled him to remain conscious (which seems an extraordinary use of power that will please The Other Murdock Papers' blogger, Christine).The Plunderer meanwhile is back on top this issue, disposi...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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