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True Aim. Aim To Kill

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     Now I just got this comic today for a damn good price and despite the marvel value stamp being cut out of it it was worth every penny for 1st appearance of one of my all time favorite Daredevil villain's the master of accuracy himself Bullseye....Alright just cause I'm pissed that there was a part of the comic cut out I going to have my little rant and say FUCKING FUCK!!!! Why the hell did people have to be so stupid as to cut shit out of comics I mean I know they didn't have the value that they do today but still didn't people have the foresight to think that stories featuring characters this popular would eventually go up in value? Goddamn it things like this piss me off you think a book is in great shape but the moment you actually read it you find out a portion of the fucking book is missing sure its a rare occurance in fact out of all the years I've collected comics it's only happened to me twice this time include but still it's annoying ya know? Now I was debating whether or not to return this to the store where I bought it because it was miss graded as a VF but I decided to keep it for a few reasons 1 it's the 1st appearance of one of my favorite villains 2. Honestly aside from one insignificant line of dialog the small bit that was cut out doesn't interfere with the story at all and 3 cut out piece aside the book is in great shape and I'm highly unlikely to find another copy of this issue that looks this good and as a price to it that won't break the bank plus the guy I bought it from me and him go way back and he never has screwed me before so we'll just re negotiate the price to something better suited to the comic's actual grade. Well the rant is over so lets dig into this bad boy.
     Alright I'm going to be totally honest here the only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is due to the fact I hate the way they portrayed Daredevil in the silver age era because he's too playful for a lack of better words unlike what we've come to know of the character during the Bendis, Millar and Bubacker runs on the character who's almost a batman like character in terms of personality. Now Bullseye hasn't changed all that much since this 1st appearance till today he just as evil and psychotic as ever if not just a bit more creative as far as his kills go in this all he really does it kill a rich guy with a pen to the throat that he was trying to extort for cash so not all that exciting compared to his latter appearances. This issue is part of a two part story this one with Daredevil investigating Bullseye's crime and learning about his origins as a soldier in Vietnam and his years as a mercenary the the following issues his fights with the marksman. All in all a pretty good detective story and a great read for any fan of the Characters the artwork is also rather nice I personally like the Bullseye costume where they show his eyes over this one I don't know maybe it's because the pupils-less eyes have been done to death and it's nice to see something new. Well that all for this installment I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this Bad Boy gets the stamp of approval.
Daredevil #131

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