Daredevil #13

    Daredevil » Daredevil #13 - The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin! released by Marvel on February 1, 1966.

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    Stranded and unconscious in the Savage Land, Daredevil finds himself at the mercy of Maa-Gor, brutal leader to the Man-Apes. Will Daredevil be able to stave off this threat despite his lack of powers? Plus, the mysterious origin of Ka-Zar is revealed by Plunderer, and Karen Page worries over Matt’s disappearance.

    Picking up from last issue's cliffhangar, Maa-gor enters the cave where a resuscitated Daredevil lies helpless, his radar sense gone. However, as he approaches, Matt still has the capability of thrashing out at his opponent. and he attempts to defend himself as the apelike figure closes in.

    Elsewhere, Ka-Zar is rescued from the monstrous venus fly trap by Zabu. Conquering the plant, Ka-Zar lets rip a war cry, that alerts the Plunderer and his crew to his location, though one crew member, Slagg, is perhaps not as loyal as the Captain one like.

    Daredevil feels that it is only a matter of time before Maa-gor kills him. However, the Plunderer appears at the cave entrance and, letting off a volley of shots, chases the ape man away. Observing the hero, Slagg remarks to his captain his feeling that Daredevil is blind and suggests they do away with him. Plunder is not interested, however, remarking instead that he is more interested in finding Ka-Zar, who he reveals is his long lost brother.

    Back in New York, Foggy and Karen learn that Matt is lost at sea, a revelation that causes great distress to the secretary.

    In the Savage Land, Ka-Zar and Zabu race back to the cave with the magical Ju Ju berries that Ka-Zar feels will revive Daredevil. Sensing danger, Zabu races ahead of his master and falls into a trap set by Plunder. As Ka-Zar races towards the pirate captain, Plunder pulls out half a medallion and shows it to his opponent. Ka-Zar then fishes in his loin cloth and pulls out the other half. The Plunderer then reveals to Ka-Zar that this proves he is his brother, as both pieces were given to them by their parents many years before. Whilst Ka-Zar is still taking in the news, Slagg releases a cage that falls from a tree above Ka-Zar's head and traps him.

    The Plunderer and his crew place Ka-Zar and Daredevil into his submarine and travel away from the Savage Land to his castle in England. Back home, Captain Plunder has a typically excessive pirate's celebration with food and grog, served up by his staff of waiters, led by the industrious Feepers. However Plunder has drugged the provisions and his pirates are also soon rendered unconscious. The Captain now turns to Daredevil and, stating that he feels that Ka-Zar trusts him the most, asks the hero to get his half of the medallion off him. Unknown to Plunder, Daredevil's enhanced senses have returned, having taken some of Ka-Zar's Ju Ju berries.

    Daredevil asks the Plunderer why the medallion is so important. Plunder reveals that it was created from a mysterious, very powerful ore found by his father. The rest of the ore was then locked in a tomb, that could only then be opened by the medallion. He then split the medallion between the Plunderer and the Plunderer's brother, Kevin. The Plunderer reveals that, shortly after this, his father and Kevin returned to the Savage Land, where his father had discovered the ore, but they never came back. Having revealed his story to Daredevil, he then throws the man without fear into a pit where Ka-Zar already is.

    Thinking Daredevil to be one of the Plunderer's crew, Ka-Zar attacks him. Recognising Ka-Zar to be the more powerful, DD uses his guile to trick Ka-Zar into rushing him and uses him as a springboard to pounce out of the pit and straight into Plunder.

    With the pirate captain knocked out, Matt stretches his billy club into the pit advising Ka-Zar to climb out. Whilst Ka-Zar is initially uncertain, when Matt calls him by his real name, Kevin, Ka-Zar's memories are triggered and he starts to climb up. Unknown to the two heroes, Slagg is spying on these events.

    Slagg, armed, demands that Ka-Zar hand over the medallion. However, he is unexpectedly shot by the butler, Feepers, who in turn wants the medallion for his own purposes. Daredevil quickly disposes of Feepers, whilst Ka-Zar makes his escape. Recognising that the jungle man is thousands of miles from home, Daredevil races after him.

    Recovering, Feepers, revealing he is part of an international espionage outfit, contacts his brethren in England to be on the lookout for the medallion. When Plunder recovers and finds Slagg dead, using his title of Lord, he gives the police descriptions of Ka-Zar and Daredevil as the murderers. Meanwhile one of Feepers' colleagues spots the two heroes and fires a grenade that explodes right behind them.



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    A Wholly Average Issue 0

    How close can you come to guessing the secret of Ka-Zar's origin? Pretty close if you read Edgar Rice Burroughs. The Plunderer and his men rescue Daredevil from Maa-Gor, but once they have him back they recapture Ka-Zar as well and depart the Savage Land for The Plunderer's castle.The Plunderer then drugs his own men before revealing the secret of Ka-Zar and his own origin.All-in-all it's a pretty unremarkable issue, with Ka-Zar's origin being only a slight twist (or rip-off) of Tarzan; The Plun...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Lord Plunderer? 0

    Cover  This is an average cover with great colors.  I think the large banner below the title takes away from the image, but what we see, while it is represented in the book, it is not exactly popping.  Summary The book opens with Ka-zar being attacked by a giant man eating plant, and Daredevil being attacked by the last of the Ape Men. A creature named Maa Gor. Both of them fight hard to make their escape. In the mean time the Plunderer is searching for Daredevil. He comes across Hornhead in the...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

    Daredevil 13 0

    Location, location, location.  Having moved from New York to Antartica last month, this issue Daredevil and co are quickly transported from the Savage Land to England, DD still part of the Plunderer's crew, though discovered to be blind.  One peculiarity, typical of comics at this time, occurs early on - Plunder appears to have no interest in unmasking the seemingly defenseless Daredevil, which, one must feel, that he would at least be curious about.  Plunder is actually a Lord and, as we learn,...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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