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Daredevil 12

Matt Murdock may be good at knocking villains over like skittles but, almost straight away, we find him totally hopeless at guessing a lady's true feelings.  On the second page of the story he pines once again after Karen Page - "Yet the emotion I mistook for love was merely pity... pity for a man without sight."  Pass the tissues, folks.  Matt is on his Foreign Legion kick here - he has to get as far away from his love as possible... to forget!

After a run of good issues, sorry to report that this tale is more like some of the extraordinary yarns that Lee cooked up in his association with Joe Orlando, though it is populated with some interesting characters.  This issue we're introduced to the Plunderer, another peculiarly named foe, particularly so when his alias, Captain Plunder (aka Lord Parnival Plunder - yes, you read that right - Parnival), would surely have been just as good for the pirate.  But I guess the names are a sign of the times.  Ka-Zar turns up too, as you can see from the cover, pounding his chest and speaking of himself in the third person, perhaps a little like a certain Lord Greystoke.

There's also a fairly exciting sequence early on with Matt rushing over the New York skyline to reach the ocean liner that will take him far away from America, comparing himself to "Promotheus unbound", which seems rather unwieldy.  Perhaps the whole Prometheus legend was big in the 60s.

But the most significant element of this issue is that, not only is Jack Kirby on board, doing layouts, but it introduces a man who was to become a legend in comics history - John Romita!  So it's by no means all bad.

Interesting aside - Ka-Zar lives again, the cover tells us.  I didn't realise that he had such a heritage back into the early days of Marvel.  At this rate, he's right up there with some of the earliest Marvel superheroic creations.  (I've just checked ComicVine - his first appearance was, alongside the original Human Torch and Submariner, in Marvel Comics 1 in 1939!)

2 stars out of 5

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