Daredevil #12

    Daredevil » Daredevil #12 - Sightless, In a Savage Land! released by Marvel on January 10, 1966.

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    The Man without Fear takes on the Plunderer, infamous pirate of the high seas! But what has brought the Plunderer aboard a cruise ship? And where is he planning on taking Matt Murdock? As Daredevil, Matt saves wild man Ka-Zar from a carnivorous plant of the Savage Land!

    The issue opens, presumably immediately after the end of issue 11 with Matt Murdock leaving the offices of Nelson & Murdock, seemingly for good, whilst Foggy and Karen look on. Lovelorn, Matt has decided to take an ocean cruise. Just making it to the liner on time, Matt overhears the crew worrying whether the pirate, the Plunderer, will attempt to attack the vessel. Sure enough, the Plunderer, or Captain Plunder, is soon storming the ship.

    Whilst Daredevil deals with the invaders, elsewhere Ka-Zar is witnessing an invasion also - Swamp Men wishing to overthrow his rule in the Savage Land.

    Daredevil is holding his own against the pirate invaders but when Captain Plunder shows him that he is about to have the crew of the ocean liner walk the plank, he agrees to surrender. Intrigued by the hero, Plunder leaves the ocean liner, taking only Daredevil as hostage, seeing him as a man of spirit and skill, like he is.

    Once aboard, Plunder turns his technologically advanced craft into a submarine and sets sail for Skull Island, part of the Savage Land, in Antartica, all the while asking Daredevil to become a member of his crew. Surfacing near the island, Plunder is vexed to find that it has been attacked by the Swamp Men, who have left it burning. Plunder comes ashore nearby and is immediately attacked by Ka-Zar' and his pet, Zabu.

    In the battle, Ka-Zar knocks Daredevil out. Plunder then tries to shoot Ka-Zar but the Savage Land leader throws a rock that knocks off his aim and Plunder fires into a crate of explosives instead. Whilst explosions go off all around him Daredevil awakens to find that he no longer has his enhanced senses, reckoning that Ka-Zar's blow has destroyed these. DD is then hit by a shell. Ka-Zar, who admired Matt's pluck, compares him to other costumed heroes who he had met (the X-Men) and rescues him from the chaos.

    Resting Daredevil in a nearby cave, Ka-Zar goes off his search of Ju Ju berries, the juice of which he thinks will revive Matt. However, a huge venus fly trap style plant stands in Ka-Zar's way and takes hold of him. Back at the cave, Matt remains unconscious whilst a new figure, Maa-Gor, the leader of the Ape Men appears menacingly at the entrance.



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    To Hell with the Devil 0

    Ka-zar stars in 'Daredevil', with a special guest appearance by DaredevilAs you can see by the cover, Daredevil visits the Savage Land in this issue. And, once again, removing Daredevil from Hell's Kitchen proves to be a mistake.The new artist beginning with this issue is John Romita, previously primarily known for his work on romance comics, which is probably why when the comic opens with an emotional scene of Matt Murdock leaving behind a pensive Karen Page in the arms of Foggy Nelson, Stan Le...

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    Ka-Zar not Tarzan 0

    After a decent tale in the last two issues, we return to a childish one where all the characters are their own best P.R. agents. Tons of silver age silliness, including the old chest nut that has 2 heroes fighting each other before they decide to talk with each other.  In this case Ka-Zar and Daredevils first meeting is a panel showing DD hitting Ka-Zar at the same time he is telling him he does not want to hurt him.   It isn't all bad, we get some Jack Kirby layouts, i always have said that was...

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    Daredevil 12 0

    Matt Murdock may be good at knocking villains over like skittles but, almost straight away, we find him totally hopeless at guessing a lady's true feelings.  On the second page of the story he pines once again after Karen Page - "Yet the emotion I mistook for love was merely pity... pity for a man without sight."  Pass the tissues, folks.  Matt is on his Foreign Legion kick here - he has to get as far away from his love as possible... to forget!After a run of good issues, sorry to report that th...

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