Daredevil #11

    Daredevil » Daredevil #11 - The Omega Effect, Part 3 released by Marvel on June 2012.

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    THE OMEGA EFFECT TIE-IN Daredevil and Spider-Man join Frank Castle in an epic battle against the New York crime syndicate. Could this be the beginning of an astonishing alliance the likes of which the Marvel U has never seen before?

    Omega Effect 3 of 3. Continued from Punisher #10.

    Daredevil has been doubled crossed by Rachel and is currently being attacked by member of AIM, Hydra, and several other Mega Crime soldiers. Luckily Spider-Man and Punisher come to his aid. Once Daredevil is safe he tells Frank that Rachel double crossed them, took the Omega Drive and fled. Daredevil then goes after her, fallowing the scent of her perfume but looses it out on the street. He knows she is listening to him and says out loud she must have gone to the only place to read the drive.

    This is a lie and when she fallows him he gets the drop on her. Daredevil then convinces her to give him the drive but the pair are soon attacked by some AIM soldiers who have a way of tracking the drive. They shoot Rachel and Daredevil attacks them. Frank and Spider-Man soon show up and they are able to tie up the AIM soldier but Rachel gets away leaving the Omega Drive for Daredevil. The three heroes then part ways before SHIELD shows up to take away the captured Mega Crime Members.



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    Fantastic, But Pointless 0

    Crossovers can be good. They can be an interesting junction when two or more series have stories that directly collide, or sometimes they can bring much needed exposure to one less appreciated. A bit complaint crossovers get is "Well why should I buy these 2 issues of this series I'm not reading?' Well, if the story was self contained, would it be any shorter? Would you complain if it was three issues of Daredevil this month instead of getting the others? More often than not, you wouldn't. Think...

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    Why Are We Doing Another Team-Up Arc Exactly? 0

    I'm really tired of all these story arcs where we're expected to read issues from other series before being allowed to pick this one up. It's frustrating and annoying, especially if you don't read those other series, and takes away from the story as a whole, what with the different artists and writers having to pen each issue.We do have a different artist this time around, and it's nowhere near as good as what we're used to (we've been spoiled by this series), which makes this issue feel even we...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    The Omega Effect Concludes. 0

    Synopsis: The end of The Omega Effect leaves some surprising results.After the cliffhanger in part two of The Omega Effect, I was wondering what exactly happened. Without a doubt, the strongest point of this issue was the confrontation between Daredevil and Alves. In a way, it makes sense that it would be Daredevil to attempt to save Alves from becoming like Frank Castle. Even I had a sense that Alves couldn't really become fully committed like Castle has.However, what's really disappointing abo...

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