Daredevil #11

    Daredevil » Daredevil #11 - A Time To Unmask! released by Marvel on December 1, 1965.

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    As Foggy Nelson gets closer to becoming the DA of New York, his old flame Deborah Harris is captured by new enemies. With Daredevil on the trail of the Animal Men, Matt Murdock may be the only one who can still save her!

    Following on directly from where issue 10 left off, Daredevil eavesdropping on the Organisation has been interrupted by Bird Man, who hurls DD off the building. Matt however has anticipated his attack and swings off a ledge further down and through a window into an apartment below.

    Debbie Harris, who had faked a kidnapping by the Organisation in the previous issue, asks Ape Man to tie her up in anticipation of DD's arrival. When Daredevil enters the room where she is, he does not let on that he is aware of her loyalties, freeing her with the intention of following her to the other villains. Much to Matt's chagrin, however, she merely returns home and then makes contact with Foggy, with whom she pretends to seek solace.

    When Matt tries to warn Foggy about his new relationship, Foggy becomes very angry and accuses Matt of jealousy. Matt then asks if he is willing to let him set a trap to test the legitimacy of the Reform Party and Foggy agrees.

    Foggy and Matt meet with the three principle members of the Reform Party, Bernard Harris, Abner Jonas and Milton Monroe and tell them they have evidence about the Organiser locked in the company's safe. Matt cannot tell by the three men's heartbeat which is the villain as all are very tense during their meeting but anticipates that the real Organiser will attempt to gain access to the Nelson and Murdock safe.

    Returning to the office later, Matt, Foggy and Karen find files ransacked and Foggy finally believes that one of the Reform Party leaders is the Organiser.

    Later Daredevil listens in on a conversation between Debbie Harris and the Organiser at her apartment. The Organiser asks Debbie for her help in ensuring that the present mayor meets with an 'accident'. Despite supporting him up until now, Debbie tells him that she thinks he is going too far. At the end of the call, Daredevil reveals himself to Debbie, telling her that he knows her role to date with the Organisation. He now asks her to help him. She calls the Frog Man and asks him to meet her. When Frog Man appears, he is surprised that Daredevil is waiting for him.

    Daredevil knocks Frog Man out and then changes into his costume. In turn Matt dresses Le Blanc in his Daredevil costume and delivers him to the police. Matt films this on Frog Man's TV 'scanner' and contacts the Organiser to let him think that Daredevil has been defeated.

    As Frog Man, Daredevil meets the Organiser at his base. The Organiser asks why he has not offed the Mayor, not realising that Daredevil is filming their meeting and transmitting it to the Police and onto TV screens. Glancing at his own TV, the Organiser thinks he has been betrayed and sets Bird Man and Ape Man on Matt, whilst he pulls a switch that opens up a trapdoor underneath the bogus Frog Man.

    Meanwhile, across town Foggy, Bernard Harris and Abner Jonas resign from the Reform Party, stating that they have been duped. Jonas tells reporters that Munroe is the Organiser, as he is the only Reform Party grandee not present at this meeting. However, Foggy begins an argument with Jonas, telling him that he could be saying that to throw suspiscion off himself and this leads to a scuffle between the two.

    Ape Man and Bird Man suddenly appear and apprehend Jonas, seemingly making off with him as a hostage. Daredevil then appears and a battle ensues between him and the two masked villains, Jonas shooting a pistol in the combatants' direction whilst calling out that he is helping Daredevil. Matt tells him that he can take care of the two villains and Jonas therefore runs off, telling Foggy that he is going to get the police. Matt asks Foggy to go after him, warning Foggy of danger.

    Quickly disposing of Ape Man and Bird Man, Matt then follows Foggy to find the latter sitting on Jonas. Daredevil reveals that Jonas is the Organiser and Debbie Harris later confirms Matt's suspiscions.

    Talking to Karen later, Foggy reveals that he is down because not only was he folled by Debbie Harris but also by the Reform Party. Due to the firm's financial difficulties, Matt then announces to the other two that he wants to leave the firm to go travelling. Foggy is angry and Karen upset but neither can truly articulate their desire for Matt to actually stay.



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    Overlong and Talky, But 'Daredevil' is Moving in the Right Direction 0

    In the second part of 'The Organizer' storyline, Daredevil is sure Deborah is a pawn of 'The Organizer', but even the Cat Man, who is now in police custody, can shed no light on The Organizer's actual identity. When Deborah draws the line at murder, she becomes a liability to The Orgainzation, and so Daredevil recruits her help to lay a trap for Frog Man. In an ambush outside The Organization's headquarters, Daredevil ambushes Frog Man and switches costumes with him, turning the 'Daredevil' dres...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Daredevil 11 0

    In this issue we are promised the unmasking of the Organiser!  I'm betting it's the mild mannered accountant with the unhealthy spreadsheet fixation...  Funny to see the Organiser described on the first page of the story as the Kingpin of Crime, some time before, I think, Wilson Fisk turning up in Spider-man.  But unless Wilson's been on the Atkins, this ain't him.  (Apologies to American readers, incidentally, for my totally anal obsession in writing 'Organiser', the correct, ahem, British spel...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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