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The Dead Dancing in the Dark

This cover.... oh my god. All the lines on everything, the intensity, the faded tone of the background which would normally be white, the sinking the..... THE LINES. This is.... THIS IS ART. This is museum quality art right here.

And the interior art... wow. Daredevil is down in the underground, so everything is just DARK. It's hard to tell left from right, but the action is easy to follow because of how well Waid makes use of Daredevil's senses to translate his experience straight to the reader. It's incredible just how well you 'feel' the sensation of pitch darkness, yet still feel Daredevil's ability to navigate it.

The action is all fun and interesting, it makes everything a delight to follow as it flows from desperation in the darkness to fighting Mole Man to deep conversation. Not a single moment is lacking in enjoyment.

And Daredevil is hit with a heavy moral quandary. What if he hadn't known the graves were disrupted? Would that have made a difference? Is a graveyard not simply about peace of mind? Who's to say? I'm not saying Mole Man was completely justified to steal all those coffins, but I'm not saying he wasn't; and Daredevil is the one forced to make a decision about this on the spot.

But Mole Man kind of digs himself a hole here. Pun not intended. While it is kind of powerful, and creepy, that he wanted his love's dead body simply for emotional comfort; it does kind of counteract his claims to Daredevil that since DD doesn't know which coffin his father was in, what does it matter, he was dead and buried. It's not a completely straight contradiction, but it does weaken his point.

And when they start fighting in the cave with the super bright crystals, it was pretty cheesy for Mole Man to exclaim that 'You should be blinded!' Ha ha, we get it, Daredevil's blind already so the bright crystals don't affect him.

But this issue starts to end with a very strong and somber tone, but it isn't done with you yet. The ramifications of the Spider-Man crossover are beginning to tie some threads together, and leading us into the upcoming Omega Effect crossover. And one more question is brought up. Is Daredevil's paranoia getting to him?

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

The execution for this issue was ASTOUNDING. I was so immersed in this issue because every single drop of ink was seeming with tools to draw me in. That said, the aforementioned cheesiness, and the odd hypocrisy of Mole Man's argument bothered me a bit, but nothing too serious. If you're not reading Daredevil, you should be. I mean, look at me, I'm a HUGE DC fan. I'm trying to read and review ALL of the New 52! And yet, I'm telling you that your pull list isn't complete without Daredevil. That should be telling you something.

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