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    Daredevil » Daredevil #10 - While the City Sleeps! released by Marvel on October 1, 1965.

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    Animal-themed criminals are causing a wave of crime and it will be up to Dardevil to put an end to the madness.

    Late at night, the Organiser flies a helicopter over a nearby prison and his associate, Cat Man, lowers himself down into the penal institution to break free Monk Keefer. The Organiser then also recruits Frog Le Blanc and Henry Hawk to be part of 'The Organisation'. Fitting the four characters out in new costumes and aliases (Frog Man, Bird Man and Ape Man join Cat Man), the Organiser reveals his plans for disruption in the city.

    Whilst a crime wave begins in the city, Foggy announces to Matt and Karen that he has been handpicked to run for District Attorney by an organisation called 'The Reform Party'. At a launch party on a luxury yacht for the Reform Party's candidates for key city posts, Matt and Karen also meet Abner Jonas, candidate for Mayor, Bernard Harris, candidate for Borough President and Milton Monroe, candidate for Assemblyman. Foggy is then surprised to meet his old school sweetheart on board - Deborah Harris, to whom Karen appears to greet with some jealousy or suspicion.

    Using his sensitive hearing, Matt picks up a message from the boat alerting the Organisation to move in on the yacht. Matt now believes that one of the Reform Party is actually the Organiser. Changing to Daredevil, Matt jumps into the sea and tries to hold off the Frog Man.

    Later, Daredevil spots Bird Man as he makes a raid. Whilst Bird Man escapes from DD, Matt manages to wrestle the briefcase he has stolen (with funds from the Reform Party) from him. Back at the Organisation's elaborate base, the Organiser announces that they must take down Daredevil before doing anything else.

    Tuning in to a robbery at a local bank, Daredevil arrives and using his super senses opens the vault inside, only to find Cat Man. He realises too late that he has been lured into a trap as Cat Man gases him. Whilst Cat Man slips away, Daredevil remains groggy and so is on the scene when the police arrive. Whilst he then escapes, the media now proclaim DD as a criminal.

    The Organiser reveals to his cohorts that his crime wave has been established to help muster political sympathy for the Reform Party. Their next step is to disrupt a party thrown by Deborah Harris, to which Foggy is taking Karen. At the party, Milton Munroe and Abner Jonas have an argument about how the party should conduct business, resulting in Munroe threatening to leave the party.

    The Organisation break in to the party, turning out the lights to maximize chaos and kidnap Deborah Harris. Daredevil meanwhile appears on the scene and, to Cat Man's surprise, is able to fight him perfectly well in the dark. Daredevil knocks out Cat Man who is then arrested.

    Whilst being questioned about who the Organiser is, the Ape Man appears at the window of the police station, about to throw a grenade in to stop Cat Man spilling the beans. Daredevil however turns up just in time and knocks the grenade out of Ape Man's hand.

    Daredevil gives chase to Ape Man and then attacks him. DD allows Ape Man to think that he has defeated him in the ensuing battle and then follows Ape Man back to the Organiser's base. Here, he eavesdrops and finds out that Deborah Harris has not been kidnapped at all but is in cahoots with the criminals. Daredevil then realises that Foggy has been played for a fool, unaware that Bird Man is actually watching him.



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    Wally Wood Begins to Transform Daredevil into Marvel's Batman 0

    If you asked my pick for the most talented member of the Marvel Bullpen during the Silver Age, I'd say that would have to be Wally Wood. Maybe not as visionary an artist as Jack Kirby, nor as strongly gifted as John Romita when it came to art alone - Wood made up for it with his writing talent. Imagine a quality artist like John Buscema crossed with an imaginative writer like Gardner Fox, and that's Wally Wood.That said, this first issue of Daredevil solely written and drawn by Wally Wood (he'd ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    DD Vs. Animal Men 0

     There are just certain types of villains that turn me off of a comic book story. These villains as animal types do the trick. I even hate the Ani Men in the X-men. Still, there is a little bit to be said about Wally Woods first attempt at writing Daredevil. What could have been a disaster, kind of turned out okay.   For some reason the team of villains are only sent out on solo missions by the "Organizer" and they never attack DD as a team.  On the other hand the plot elements are intriguing, a...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Daredevil 10 0

    As was common at the time, in this issue Stan Lee has handed over the main scripting duties to his artist (Lee did the same with Steve Ditko on Spider-man), so Wally Wood moves on to scripting whilst Bob Powell is also retained to help with 'layouts'.  I'm not quite sure what the difference between layouts and pencilling is - I guess layouts are more 'rough' - Wood is credited as 'art' for this issue.The bad guy in this issue is someone called 'The Organiser'.  Villians in the 60s certainly had ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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