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The action begins at Fogwell's gym where a group of lowlifes are interrupted by a strangely dressed figure in yellow and red who attacks them and demands to know where their boss, the 'Fixer' is. At the end of the fight, which the masked man easily wins, we learn that this is Daredevil and the story flashes back to introduce Matt Murdock, as an eight year old boy, living with his father, 'Battling' Murdock, a down on his luck boxer.

Matt is thrilled about his dad being a boxer. However, Battling Murdock tells him that he has promised his mother that he won't let Matt follow the same path that he has and urges Matt, instead, to study. Matt reluctantly does so. Staying in studying alone earns him the ironic nickname 'Daredevil' by the local street kids who play outside his window.

Murdock is struggling to make ends meet and so approaches the Fixer to see if he can set up some fights for him. The Fixer agrees. Murdock strides home, proud, unaware that his son has had an accident. Matt has noticed an old man struggling to cross a road about to be knocked down by a lorry. Pushing him out of the way, Matt unfortunately is knocked over and falls into a spillage of radioactive waste on board the lorry.

In hospital, Matt begins his recovery, though he is now unable to see. He remains upbeat, however, telling his father that he will continue his studies in braille. Once out of hospital, Matt soon realizes that, whilst he is now blind, his other senses are heightened to incredible degrees. As well as studies, Matt throws himself into working in the gym, developing athleticism.

As the years go by, Matt continues to do well at school. Matt graduates college top of his class in law and his college buddy, Foggy Nelson, has offered to set up a law partnership with him. Foggy then employs Karen Page as their secretary.

Meanwhile Murdock has continued to do well in boxing tournaments, until the Fixer reveals to him that his bouts have been set ups. The Fixer tells Murdock that he must take a fall at his next fight. However, at the fight, aware that his son is present, Murdock ignores the Fixer's demands, and instead knocks out his opponent. The Fixer then has Murdock shot dead.

Matt wants revenge and so makes a costume for himself to confront those he believes killed his father - thus taking the story back to its prologue. At the gym, the Fixer turns up and Daredevil begins to battle him and his cohort Slade (who had pulled the trigger when Matt's father was killed). The Fixer and Slade, however, escape and make their way to an underground station. There Daredevil catches up with them and knocks Slade to the floor.

Daredevil then pursues the Fixer. He is about to catch him when the Fixer has a heart attack and dies. Slade, however, craftily manipulated by Daredevil, confesses to killing Battling Murdock.

Spider-man and the Fantastic Four only appear on the cover.


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Daredevil No1 0

So, the origin of Daredevil in its original form!  This is really a triumph of economic storytelling.  I mean, so much is introduced here that is intrinsic to the entire DD canon over its next 40 plus years, which is great work from Stan Lee, in particular.  Not only do we get the origin, but we meet Battling Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, plus get a very nice precis of the first 20 or so years of Matt Murdock's life.  There's so much in this one issue.The artist here is Bill Everett and ...

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Why Daredevil Was a Step Forward for Marvel 0

The second largest words to appear on the cover of Daredevil #1 is 'Spider-Man', and it even features a facsimile of the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 on the splash page.There's a reason Daredevil is often compared to Spider-Man - of all the original Marvel heroes, these two probably have the most in common. Both were teenagers who studied while other kids played sports, both got their powers from radiation accidents, both felt a sense of duty to a slain father figure, both were acrobatic ...

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