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    Dante is the main villain in the Last Man Standing Universe.

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    Dante is modified human, the leader of the terrorist group PANDEMONIUM and the main antagonist of the series. He was kept in the level-9 facility before breaking out during his 7th year of incarceration.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dante was the first super-soldier created this project later became the Paladin Project. Due to his Armtech upgrades Dante possess superhuman level attributes, the limits of which have not been ascertained however he has been confirmed to have killed 9 Paladin's (the same type of super soldiers as Gabriel) so he is indeed a fierce opponent. He also has an incredible healing factor. Dante was seen walking through machine gun-fire even taking shots to the head with absolutely no effect or signs of discomfort. Dante is an expert hand to hand and close quarter fighter, in his diary Gabriel said that anything Dante could lay his hands on could be turned into a deadly weapon even seemingly harmless objects.

    Dante also possesses an enhanced brain which allows him to run through nearly every possible combat scenario granting him an incredible tactical advantage.


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