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Born in Cuba and brought to the United states by his mother when he was a teenager she later died under unknown circumstances.

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After his mother died he resorted to drugs to numb the pain. He went on to do crime and even wield a gun. When the police caught up with him he was locked up for possessing a gun without a license. While in prison he turned over a new leaf and quit drugs and crime. Once he was out he met Christian Frost , brother to Emma Frost and son to Winston Frost at a jazz bar. They immediately clicked.

Their friendship was like nothing either of them had ever experienced, Christian was from a broken home almost devoid of love and Dante was literally alone in the world. They went to the beach together, partied, played chess and in time even though they both knew and thought it was wrong, they fell in love.

Since Christian knew his father would not approve he kept their relationship secret. Over time Dante grew impatient with keeping secrets. Once Emma graduated from Snow Valley and the family went on vacation Dante demanded to be brought along so they could be open with their relationship, when Christian refused. He broke up with him and stormed out of their apartment.

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Once Christian came back however they rekindled their flame, when Christian was cut off by his father he stayed with Dante and even met with Emma. It all went south when Winston had the police break into his place and charge him with drug possession, he had two choices, go to prison or be deported back to Cuba. He chose the latter.

He was never seen again but was the main contributor to Christian Frost attempting suicide and later descending into drug use.

Citizenship: Cuba

Place of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: unknown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Alternate Realities

Only appeared in marvel 616

In other Media

Only appeared in comics thus far.


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