Danny the Street

    Character » Danny the Street appears in 85 issues.

    Living sentient travelling street. He moves between the cities and infiltrates them, thus bringing happiness to citizens.

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    For many years, Danny has traveled the planet. He is a sentient street, able to place himself anywhere around the world. Danny lets the stragglers, the people tossed out by humanity, have a place of respite. He entertains them with drag shows, and various shops. Danny is gender non-conforming, and expresses himself by putting pink, frilly awnings or curtains on gun stores and the like.

    Danny was the first target of the false Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. He was rescued by the Doom Patrol. Shortly afterwards he was kidnapped by Mr. Nobody and the Brotherhood of Dada. They simply wanted him to take them somewhere else, and he happily complied. Danny thought the Brotherhood was perfectly fine. Later, he became the location of the Doom Patrol headquarters.

    Eventually, Danny grew and became Danny the World.

    He was deconstructed by the Gentrifiers, and was left as only Danny the Brick. This brick is being protected by Crazy Jane. Danny the Street and Crazy Jane have recently joined the newest Doom Patrol.

    During the New 52, Danny, now a street again, links Kid Flash and Solstice to the rest of the future Teen Titans. He is said to be a Teenage Metahuman by Tim Drake, who sent him to infiltrate N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

    Major Story Arcs

    Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    For more information see: Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

    Red Robin has asked Danny the Street to go undercover into N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and that's where he meets Bart Allen and Solstice. Bart has been captured and when he escapes he tries to help Danny but he doesn't realize Danny is a Street and not a person and can't see him. Bart then takes Solstice with him instead. The pair don't get far when they realize that they are in Antarctica. Danny comes to their rescue and teleports them to Red Robin's Lextowers penthouse. Then later Danny appears to Red Robin and Bart again to inform them that Superboy is trouble, he then teleports the team to The Colony where the team saves Superboy but is attacked by Harvest.

    Saur Feelings

    For more information see: Teen Titans #10.

    Danny was scattered across Mystery Island after He and the Teen Titans escaped the Colony and the Culling. The Titans gathered together the scattered pieces of Danny the Street and gathered them into one place, Danny tells Tim Drake that he wants to take the Titans back to New York so they can get home, even though the trip would kill him. Tim advises Danny not to but Cassie Sandsmark reminds Tim that Danny has to choose what he does. Danny transports the Titans back to New York but dies in the process, he becomes Danny the Alley.

    DC Rebirth

    Back to the canon in which Danny was left as just a brick in the care of Crazy Jane, the two decided to travel the cosmos and see the wonders of the universe. Their trip was cut short when Danny the Brick was used as a weapon by one of the beings they came across. Danny retreated from the world once more to become Dannyland, a place for outsiders to be insiders, bringing in lost people and also making a few of their own. When one of their creations enters the outside world and forgets her time life in Dannyland, Danny does their best to reconnect by appearing to the character as an ambulance.


    Danny is able to travel anywhere. Anything in the way simply moves aside. They are able to talk by using pieces of his environment. Danny can also repair themselves if broken.

    Other Media

    Danny appears in the DC streaming show, Doom Patrol. They are a high priority target by the Bureau of Normalcy.


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