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From Wikipedia:

  • Daniel "Danny" Lorraine: Daniel is Helen's father from Winnipeg, Canada,[citation needed] who works as a bus driver and actor in the community theater. He is usually a serious and stern character, though half of the time, he has a somewhat immature personality, such as singing around the house. Due to his name, his professed love towards superhero comics (e.g. "the Green Gas Lamp",[16] "Pinkie The Pony", and "Chuck Nebula"[17]) and his role in the show's Halloween special, Night of the Phantom Scarecrow, he is likely a parody of Daniel "Danny" Fenton, the titular protagonist of Danny Phantom. Also voiced by Brian Drummond.
  • Mariella Lorraine: Mariella is Helen's Hispanic mother from Veracruz, Mexico, who works as a florist and actor in the community theater. Like Carolina, she often uses Spanish words and phrases, giving the translation shortly afterwards. Her parents and former surname are unknown, but her brother Jorge (Carolina's father) is seen in the series. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

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  • Lucille and Bernard Lorraine: Daniel's parents. Like him, they are Canadian, enjoy living immature lifestyles (such as selling a chair to a bear) and are allergic to certain things, such as flowers and bacon.

See also: Jack and Maddie Fenton

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