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    Character » Danny Doom appears in 48 issues.

    Returns as one of the main characters in Albion.

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    In his original incarnation, Danny Doom was the apprentice to 13th Century sorcerer Astaroth. When Astaroth summoned a demon that he could not banish back from whence it had originated, Danny demonstrated his own magical talent by dispelling the demon himself. Astaroth, seeing the new potential of his apprentice, used Danny in experiments with the ends of "instantaneous transportation." Instead, Danny was put in suspended animation, reemerging in the modern era. Astaroth's spirit informed him that there was a way back, but first, certain conditions had to be met. In the meanwhile, he worked to protect humanity from supernatural threats, aided by the Star of Astaroth and the Hand of Orloff, two magical talisman in his possession.


    In Albion, Danny Doom has no memory of his past or the full scope of his true identity. He tells Bad Penny at one point that comic books are the only thing he can remember from his youth. Penny enlists Danny in her plan to free Britain's superheroes from incarceration by the government. The two are successful, and Danny—once again in possession of both his memories and the Hand of Orloff—inherits the torch passed down by fellow sorcerer Cursitor Doom.


    Danny Doom appears in the one-shot, The Vigilant.


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