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    Danny Chase was once the youngest and (in the opinion of many fans) most annoying of all the members of the New Teen Titans. When Jason Todd died he was expelled by Nightwing of the Titans. He later returned as the Phantasm.

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    Danny Chase's grandfather was a man named Franklin Chase, that was an American intelligence agent, who had been assigned to the Manhattan Project that was created during World War II.

    During the project Danny's grandfather was bombarded with radiation, the accident didn't cause any side effects to him, however it was proven that they had changed his DNA, since his grandson (Danny Chase) was born with the power of telekinesis.

    After that, both of Danny's parents and Danny himself became agents of the CBI. One day in a mission that was taking place in the city of Tokyo both of Danny's parents were kidnapped by the mercenary known as Godiva, the mercenary kidnapped them to get information of a secret missile site.

    The first thing Danny did after that, was ask King Faraday (Another CBI agent) to help him to find and rescue his parents. King tried to help him, however he couldn't because his permission request was denied by his superiors. After that a desperate Danny Chase used the computer of the CBI to send a message to the new Teen Titans and ask for their help to find and rescue his parents, the mission was successful and with the help of the New Teen Titans Danny was able to reunite with his parents.

    When the mission ended Nightwing offered Danny Chase the option to join the new Teen Titans as their youngest member (with his parents permission of course), after the Chases agreed to his addition to the Teen Titans, Danny became a full member.

    Although Danny started with enthusiasm when he joined the team, he quickly proved that since he was trained by agents, and was an agent himself for all his life, he was a powerful and intelligent hero, however he didn't know how to do teamwork. Another thing that differentiated Danny from the other Titans was the fact that he didn't have a code-name or a superhero costume.

    It was during this time that he met Gar Logan. Gar was a friendly guy with anyone, however he had a poor relationship with Danny, the problems even came sometimes to insults. One thing that was strange about Danny was that although he could be a little cold, acted as a professional agent of the government, and was usually capable of taking a hit, there was one point where he injured his knee and broke down. The interesting thing to note, was that it seemed to be the blood that bothered him far more than the pain it's self, and his reaction to it pretty closely resembled a panic attack; with him feeling nauseous, irrationally frightened, attempting to flee from the place the panic had set in, and crying about how he had never been hurt before, but how he had seen it happen to so many other people. ( A rather dark note that is added to later, when he tells Raven he has had a lot of the people around him die.) But if it was a panic attack, it was never confirmed or explored further, only ever brought up again when the moment is thrown in his face after he talked about the death of Jason Todd in just about the most callous way imaginable (seemingly taking a note from Faraday).

    After the death of Jason Todd, Nightwing decided that it would be best if young Danny left the group. Danny, of course, did not take the news well and stormed out in a huff.

    Titans Hunt

    When all of the Titans (past and present) were attacked and captured by the Wildebeest Society (lead by Jericho) to get their bodies and used them as the new host bodies for the souls of Azarath. Nightwing (the only Titan who defeated his attacker) using the Wildebeest suit, he infiltrated the Wildebeest organization to help other Titans that were in danger.

    Along with another Wildebeest, Nightwing was sent to capture Danny Chase even though he was no longer a member.

    The place where Nightwing and the other Wildebeest found Danny Chase was in a small mall in Washington, the two of them attacked him, one of the blasts was able to hit and injure Danny Chase in a way that if he was hit again he would be killed by them. Nightwing realized this, and lied to tell the other Wildebeest that Danny Chase had died because of the impact. However before that, he gave a little clue to Danny of who he really was ,tossing him a Nightwing Tracer.

    Using his telekinetic powers, Danny Chase started to take things from the shopping mall, and started to form his new and first hero costume; he took a hockey mask and used it to cover his face, after that with a bolt of fabric and a robot-voice simulator he disguises his voice, to prevent anyone to know that Danny Chase was indeed alive. With a new costume and identity, he call himself "The Phantasm", and quickly broke up the fight that had started between the Wildebeests and Deathstroke, while still making sure Nightwing could still get away without blowing his cover.

    He used his new costume in two different ways, one was to put his suit on and levitate with it, and the other was to use his powers of telekinesis to control the suit from a safe distance.

    After that, Nightwing was discovered and captured by Jericho and the rest of the Wildebeest society, it was just after that, Phantasm joined the new team that was lead by Deathstroke to find and rescue the captured Titans. Danny Chase had his doubts about Deathstroke and the rest of the group since they were total strangers to Danny, it was because of this that Danny decided to keep his secret identity to himself, but he still helped them to find and release his former teammates.

    Arella and Danny Chase
    Arella and Danny Chase

    After a battle that took place in the remains of Azarath the Wildebeest society was destroyed and Jericho was killed by his own father Deathstroke.

    After that however there was still part of the Azarathian energy, along with Raven and her mother Arella they used all their powers to stop the menace and end all the danger that they caused.

    Danny Chase no more

    After the combined effort of Raven, Danny, and Arella against the forces of evil, a big explosion happened, and caused the energies of Arella and Danny to combine. At that moment neither Danny or Arella were alive anymore, instead combining with the souls of Azarath to became a force with incredible power. This force took the costume that Danny had been using during the whole event, and formed a new Phantasm. This Phantasm had the power of both Arella and Danny Chase as well as the souls of Azarath, making them one of the most powerful beings.

    Danny Chase returned as a member of the undead as a slave of Brother Blood before Kid Eternity returned him back to dead.

    Zachary Zatara and Kid Devil venture to new Azarath and are almost eaten by the Phantasm. Danny Chase returns as a Black Lantern and is destroyed by the white light from Dove.

    Powers & Abilities

    Danny Chase possessed the power of telekinesis. He is also extremely smart and possesses a photographic memory. After he got the powers of Phantasm though, he has displayed a more advance and powerful version of them, along with new powers that resembled Ravens.

    Other media


    Young Justice: Phantoms

    Danny Chase is a meta-human with telekinetic and multi-dimensional abilities who was trafficked to Apokolips. His brain was extracted and placed in a motherbox, becoming known as the Kaizer-Thrall (Mother-Thrall).


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